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W6R3 - 25 minutes is possible!

25 minutes! I might have gotten a bit carried away and decided to nearly sprint the last minute but I was just really happy I had the energy to speed up in the last five minutes. I can't believe I'm able to keep going for so long now. I wasn't utterly utterly unfit at the beginning (regularly walked for a number of miles) but I never did any strenuous exercise. So for people who are looking around on the forum and thinking they can't do it, you can! If you're starting off with less fitness than me I recommend some walking for a while before you start the programme but ,otherwise, go for it! It's amazing how your body gets better at it.

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Well done!! Week 7 is just more of that, but you've proven to yourself that you're more than capable of tackling the longer runs.

Happy running ! :)


Great inspirational post. Well done you 👏🏻👏🏻 Week 7 on its way and before you know it, it's 8, then 9 and you're a graduate with a shiny new badge. Happy running 🏃🏼‍♀️🏃🏻🏃🏼‍♀️🏃🏻😀


Well done !- it is a great feeling to end a run with some energy left to burn. It doesn't happen all the time for me :-) but when I do have a "Seb Coe moment" it does make the effort worth while. Completely agree that a few weeks of regular brisk walking before doing C25K would be a good preparation. The body is an amazing thing, at any age, to adapt how it does in a relatively short time. Good luck with the rest - I'm just finishing Wk7 and still enjoying it.


Well done! I'm just in week 8 so remember very clearly that last run in week 6 when Laura said I would be running for 25 minutes. I said out loud, "noooo, I don't think so!" But I did and it felt so great to have completed it.


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