Beetroot in trainers!

Is it the humidity or me being unfit? Ran again with 10k podcast and had to stop a few times, just too hot. Most people look like they're hardly breaking a sweat and a few look like me, bright red and struggling! I believe there's a programme where you can add your own voice on music tracks 'merge' something?

I'm missing Laura's encouragement, so easy to stop when no one's encouraging me! Did run for 40 minutes and it's not being out of breath or tired legs just overheating. Actually looking forward to Autumn, sorry for rant...

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  • Hi runningwild,

    I can't stand the heat either. It makes me feel like my head is going to burst! Today I went out at 9.00 and even then the sun on my back was too much. Then I got to wondering how do you go on in the snow and ice. That must present a whole new set of problems. But you can always put another layer on when there is a limit how much you can decently take off.

    Around here it has also been very humid too. Take a damp face cloth with ice cubes in it to wipe your fevered brow!

    I'm looking forward to Autumn too - the leaves are already turning!

  • Ha ha, loved the remark about the layers we can decently take off!!! Going for a run in the buff would be a terrible sight!!!

  • Hi Beek, I've never been a fan of the heat, maybe that's why it's getting to me more! Running on snow is not too bad, it's the ice you obviously have to watch out for. You can get these for your shoes to grip the ice. You can get cheaper ones though, not sure if Lidl or Aldi were selling them last year.

    Maybe because I'm so pale I look redder than some people, anyway roll on cool weather and enjoy your running :)

  • I used to go red too, I just used to make sure I took regular water drinks and even resorted to pouring it on myself a couple of times!

    As for merging music with voice - I'm not sure about your own voice but I use MapMyRun for iPhone which gives me distance/pace updates as audio on top of whatever I'm listening to at the time...which in my case is obviously podcasts so two voices (at least) in my ears at the same time can be confusing!!!

  • Hi, this is what I was thinking of

    could do with encouragement when about to collapse!

  • Thank you Runningwild for this useful link. I've tagged it for future reference because I am looking forward to getting out in the snow! I LOVE the snow! My husband, last year, told me I am past 60 therefore far too old to go out sledging. 'What would they say if you turned up at A&E with a broken leg from sledging?'. Told my allergy doctor about the conversation and he told me they would congratulate me. YAY! sensible words at last!

  • You're very welcome Beek, me too I love the snow!!

  • I've found it hard going recently with humidity - but felt much better when I realised it was getting to my dog too (she runs 3 times as far and 3 times as fast usually)

  • Fellow beetroot here... I go alarmingly red and can feel my face getting hotter and hotter as I run, but I just try and tell myself it's good for the skin to get the blood flowing :-)

  • Thanks all, glad it's not just me!!!


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