Well, I went out to do w6 r3 this morning and got no further than the end of the street- it was like an ice rink! So I came back, got the car and drove to the park. Managed the 25 min but the going was still quite treacherous. Tried to find grass to run on but still had to go on the paths for some of the way and they were like glass. There was a Park run about to start- I don't know how they got on! Anyway I completed my run but it was hard going as I was watching my feet most of the time. Also run through a huge muddy puddle trying to avoid the ice! But I did it, so onwards and upwards as they say!

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  • That's commitment. 😊Well done Lorna. That was a tough run, but you nailed it. Yes, onwards and upwards...

  • What a trooper - well done!

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