Fuelling morning runs??

Hi everyone. I'm after some advice. I prefer to run first thing in the morning. My hubby says I should eat a carb based meal three hours before I run to fuel it if I run in the afternoon but I'd rather do mornings. I'm just wondering how other people ensure they are appropriately fuelled for morning runs. Any advice is welcome and thanks in advance 😃


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18 Replies

  • I have always had half a banana and a pint of very diluted apple juice before a 5k run. Full banana for 10k.

    If you have eaten normally the day before, you will have plenty in reserve for runs up to an hour. Beyond that you may need to refuel and rehydrate. Don't change your diet to do C25K, unless you eat too much.

  • Awesome response thank you. I eat pretty healthy most days but I don't eat much meat, so fussy with foods. So just want to get the best out of the runs. I'll try a banana and some juice. Thanks for the advice :)

  • Everyone is different and you have to find what works for you. You won't need any extra food for running the programme, just hydrate well. If you're trying to lose weight then running on an empty stomach is the way to go.

    Personally I can't do anything on an empty stomach and always eat before running. Porridge with honey and flax seeds for morning runs and two mugs of strong builders' tea 🙂

  • Thanks that's brill. I personally feel more motivated but less energised in the mornings (I don't know if that makes sense) so I think I could do with something. Not bothered about weight, it's my fitness I'm running for :) Thanks for taking time out to respond. Builder's tea is right up my street ha ha!

  • I generally run mornings and always before breakfast. If I stopped to have breakfast I would find a heap of things to do to distract myself and probably not make it out of the door. 😂 my routine tends to be: cup of tea in bed (if Mr R is being lovely) or while I'm getting up (if he's not around, or not so lovely, or having a lie in); get running kit on; perhaps a glass of water (if had a drink the previous night 🍷); warm up exercises (and optional faffing); out of the door; realise I should have gone to the little girls room so go back inside; then set off for my run.

    On returning I have a glass of cold water while doing my stretches, shower, dress, then breakfast and a cuppa. Works for me, but we're all different.

  • Ha ha thanks for sharing...it did make me laugh...optional faffing :) I'm going to try a hot drink and half a banana this week and see if it makes a difference. It's really useful to know what others do :)

  • I haven't done any faffing in ages, replying to your post reminded me how bad I was, so wrote a post about my lost faffing. Some of us were really bad in the winter! 😂

  • I run early in the morning and would not want to wait while the food settles - I was told one to two hours between eating and exercising. I reasoned that I am only running for 30 minutes and would not have had breakfast that early. I have a drink of water and head out. I have breakfast once I have recovered. It works for me.

    When I do a 0900 Park run, I have some toast or something before I leave the house to drive over there but htat is because it will be late morning before I can eat after the run.

    I think your husband might be thinking of rather longer runs than 30 minutes for a carb loaded meal ahead of a run. You'll know if you need more fuel by your body's response to the exercise.

  • Brilliant stuff thank you. Yeah I think my hubby thinks I'm training for London marathon or something...bless him. I definitely feel that I could do with something so I'll try a banana first before I head out. I can't wait to try a park run. Only a few more weeks to go...

  • You shouldn't need to eat before, as your body is getting its energy from stores, but everyone is different. Running before eating is better for weight loss, if that's a factor in you taking up running.

    My routine is the same as sheps. I find no difference in my performance whether I eat beforehand or not.

  • Thanks for the info. That's good to hear really. It's hard to know what to do for the best when you first start out. I have a hill during my run and it kills me. Got to the top today and I felt quite dizzy and couldn't continue running so walked instead for a minute. Just felt weak so I thought maybe it's because I hadn't eaten anything. Cheers for your response. This site is awesome :)

  • Its important to remember that what we eat/ drink the day before has a large bearing too.

    For example too little hydration the day before is not going to be compensated by having a large drink of water just before you run - in fact it is more likely to make you feel queasy.

  • I always try to make sure I have some protein, either before I go out if I have time to let it digest a little, or within half an hour of getting back in. Maybe some eggs or a protein shake. I'm no nutritionist, but this works for me.

  • As IP says, you have to find what works for you. I used to just have a banana, but that wasn't enough for me, so now I have a big bowl of porridge. I guess I'm a bit of an oddity (ha ha no ones ever said that before!) in that I can run almost straight away with no problems.

  • No, don't worry too much that when on the prog, just minimal and make sure you're well hydrated 😊

  • Hey! Either a banana with a glass of water, or a hard boiled egg. You will be fine either way :)

  • As IannodaTruffe syas, if you have a healthy eating regime, you should be fine.. and well hydrated too.. I always head out after a cuppa and two digestive bikkies.. works for me :) ( I run early)

  • I'd say have a snack like a banana before running if you feel you need anything. Otherwise it can make you sick eating before. But have something after your workout, like a protein shake or something similar.

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