A Ragged Run

It was cold and there was some very light drizzle when I went out for my run just after 6am.

I set off on my usual route but with a longer warm up walk phase. The run started off well enough but as I progressed it became less fluid and my pace suffered. How ones perspective changes. A few short weeks ago I would have been delighted with that time. Another week under my belt, though there has been no progress in taking it in a notch, and I went out running on a cold and wet November morning. That has to go down as an achievement.

Happy runnings.

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  • It does, because it was. πŸ™‚

    Dank, dark mornings do not call to us in same way as the crisp freshness of Spring, or the sunshine sparkle of Summer dawns...

    Well done youx

  • Well done for getting out there in the early hours of the morning and running! I don't know why sometimes we have good days and bad days, I guess that's what makes us human. Celebrate the fact that you have added a few more "k" to your running career. 😊 πŸ‘ŒπŸ» πŸƒπŸ»

  • I struggle to get out of bed at the moment let alone run! Well done - -and roll on Spring!

  • Anyone who goes out early in the morning is a star to me😊 and more so in this dark cold mornings! So I think it's a huge achievement well done😊

  • It does indeed. As Pc59 said: anyone who goes out early is a star.

  • I agree with you that some runs are more fluid than others but you still went out there (at 6am!) so well done!

  • Hats off to you NIGHTINGALE1 , I think youre not that far away from me , and the weather today is horrendous !

    Massive respect to you for getting out there :-) xxx

  • Well done on a tough run Nightingale.

    It felt good afterwards though didn't it.😊

  • Yes it did. Recovered quickly.

  • Well done as others have said you got out there. I dreaded my first run in colder climate but felt great that I did it and still do. And I don't get faster or necessarily further on each run.

    How I look at is (and I am sorry if I have already said this to you) "My aim was to run for 30 minutes and get fit and have good health and wellbeing and avoid a potential future on medication. Any more is a bonus".

    I run 6K regularly for 40 minutes 2 , sometimes 3 times per week. I have built up a buffer where I can never set myself up for a bad run or feel bad. If I only do 30 minutes or even less occasionally I know I can get back to 30 or 40.

    The main thing is to be happy. Now running is now one of my good habits.

  • Well, I got my clothes ready to go out after my porridge but it has been snowing so I think today it going to be the first time I have missed a scheduled run. My new Garmin will have to wait for another day

  • But the sun has come out!

    Shall I, shan't I?

  • I almost did. In fact I got changed and set off but it was far too slippery even for a brisk walk so I turned back.

    It did clear later but I had missed my chance as i had to be elsewhere . That did involve a 3 mile walk though.

    (I run in kilometres , but still walk in miles! I also cook in imperial :) )

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