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Here we go again... again!

After a couple of horrible weeks of having a cold and being too dreadfully busy, tired, and fed up, I finally managed to go out for a run yesterday. I decided to take Fluffy Pup with me, as she has loved running with me in the past - but for some reason she just wasn't up for it yesterday. She was so excited and happy for the warm-up walk, but as soon as I started 'running' (barely faster than my walk), she sat down firmly. Literally. 15kg of dog sitting and leaning backwards isn't just resistance training, it's miserable! So I stomped home in a bad mood - with her leading the way happily! :rolleyes:

Remembrance Day things then took up most of the afternoon - but DD1 and I hadn't checked the timings so got to the village almost an hour early. I suggested going home and coming back later, but she didn't want to do that, so we went for a walk instead :) Beautiful afternoon for it, too!

After Remembrance was over, we got home while it was still light, although I could tell the light wasn't going to last too much longer, so I headed out again - with no dog this time. Much better! Still on week 5, but since I've spent most of this year there, I decided to play with a bit of fartlek to add some interest. That was really good fun - it's good to actually feel the different paces, and make a conscious decision about whether to go really slow, steady, or to RUN! I've not done that before, but will definitely do it again.

I'm also thinking about going a bit off-plan for a while, just to break out of my rut. Maybe just listening to my body will help me find where I'm actually at, and get some encouragement, rather than the 'here we go again' feeling I have at the moment. Don't get me wrong - I'm happy that I'm still running, still keeping at it - but I started week 1 in April and still haven't managed to run consistently enough to finish the plan. And I've lost count of how many times I've done week 5 now...! One day I'll get past this, but I just don't know when! ;)

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Hang in there. You'll crack it! Do as you suggest and chill out a bit and find the love again.

My run started off on completely the wrong foot yesterday but I carried on. So pleased I did as it turned out to be lovely because of the smiley-faced folks I met en route. I had too many interruptions because of the sheer volume of kids, dogs, horses etc but I had such a lovely time I didn't care too much about the run. I can always do it again tomorrow.

I was late for Remembrance yesterday and I had to chase the procession. So pleased I could run. It has its uses!

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I'm still enjoying the running - just haven't yet found a routine that works properly for me since changing job in April! It was going ok, but then the summer holiday happened, which broke the usual patterns of course, and since then I've really struggled to get out three times a week for more than a week or two together. I can't quite work out how much is lack of prioritising it, and how much is that this really is too much to fit into the week. This week might be better, since I've realised I can't stay late at work on Tuesday and Thursday (my normal nights for running) due to other family things (like collecting daughter from after-school class!). That means that the evenings should be back to normal - whatever that is! - and I might manage to run...

I did try out my new running light yesterday afternoon, since it was starting to get a tad dusk-ish, and was really pleased with it, so that's a bonus ;)


Oh good! They are a boon. I think mine needs a new battery


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