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Just committed to parkrun next week

Just completed week 8 , got to 4 k in 28 mins , I won't be out until Tuesday again and looks like park run on the Saturday ......

Advice do I go for 5k as other runners may buzz me along? Do I walk the first .75 k as normal warm up what does everyone think ??

Another thing is I shouldn't worry or give a fiddlers as 8 weeks ago I didn't want anybody to see me , so this is a big big step!! And maybe I should embrace it . My run didn't feel so good today got a stitch at 14 mins and boy was I glad to finish, unlike other days I had nothing left in the tank 😓😓😓

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I did my first parkrun a few weeks ago, and I walked around beforehand so that I could start running with everyone else, and it was OK - slow, but OK! Every course is different, and if there are hilly parts to your event you might want to walk those bits, but whatever you decide is fine - there will be all levels of runners and some walking it too. Just enjoy the moment, it's all over very quickly really, but it's great fun and I love it!


Just go along and go with the flow. See how you feel. There will be people walking the whole way and people running like demons. And everything in between. So just pace yourself and enjoy :)


You will feel best if you arrive 15 mins early, do your warm up walk then listen to the new runners briefing and announcements and start running at the back with everyone else (its demoralising to start at the front and get overtaken by the elites but very satisfying to start at the back and maybe overtake someone). Just remember its perfectly ok to walk if you need to and if its your first one you are just setting down a time as a target to improve on in the future. Good luck !


Just go it's a great atmosphere with lots of encouragement, I did my 1st park run last Saturday and it was a great feeling to go around left me on a high for the rest of the day.

Good luck 😉

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