Committed to 10k next May

This morning I signed up for the Great Manchester run 10k, and to my amazement when I told others in the family my daughter and her partner also signed up. She is a fitness instructor, 23 weeks pregnant and still teaching all her strenuous classes and he is a regular participant in her classes and does a bit of running as well. They can both run at least twice as fast as me, but she is going to use it as a target for returning to fitness after the birth and he is just joining in. My husband and the other daughter (who is more of a lifter than a runner) are going to pilot the baby in a buggy from place to place on the route and cheer us on. So suddenly we are planning a full on family event and I am very excited at the thought. Just got to graduate, which I plan to do on Saturday at the Exeter Parkrun and then think about working up to 10km over 8 months or so. It should be possible, shouldn't it? Even for an almost pensioner?


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  • Fantastic!! Have fun!

  • Thank you I think we will

  • Ooh how exciting for you all, that sounds like its going to be a great run. Yes, definitely, yes- 10k is certainly do-able over 8 months. Enjoy your parkrun on Saturday- graduating!! Woo hoo! x :-)

  • Yay! Good on yer Rose! You go for it gal!

    10 k in 8 months is way do-able. You could get yourself a fabbo plan from myasics. You tell em what distance you want to train for, they ask you age, rank and serial number etc and they crunch the numbers and churn out a plan for you. It tells you when to run, how far and how fast. It's brill. When you finish a run you log in and type in the results and it keeps track of your progress and it will speed you up or slow you down as necessary.

  • Well done and now it's turned into a family affair :) Good luck and enjoy :)

  • My niece has signed up now! She was on C25K and has broken a toe but will start again shortly and is pleased to have a target. We are on the extended family now!

  • Wahey, way to go Rose ! :-) Aw that's great that's it turned into a family event . I will be applying tomorrow, I am counting down the hours until payday :-) We can chivvy each other along and be virtual training buddies :-) xxx

  • Ha ha , you can run in front of me with a plate of Jammie Dodgers :-) xxx

  • You're on Poppypug!

  • Its a deal , fab stuff ! :-) xxx

  • That is definitely a plan ! Go for it ! How lovely to have so many family members involved.

  • 8 months is plenty to build up to 10k, see how far you've come in 9weeks :)

    The advice given out on here lots has been: take it easy, listen to your body, build up slowly no more than 10% at a time. All to help stay injury free.

    You have achieved so much already :)

    But be worried, having been reading others post. These races are addictive :)

    Well done for getting all involved :) good luck with graduation run on Saturday x

    Happy running :)

  • That sounds brilliant... go for it!!! x

  • I got to 10k about 5 months after I started c25k and 2.5 months after I graduated c25k. I found a b210k programme.

    Good luck

  • Inspirational! Scary but inspirational. Had not dared to even think beyond 5K yet.

  • Thanks everyone, we are all looking forward to it already!

  • Me too Rose, really looking forward to it , exciting times ahead :-) xxx

  • Absolutely possible and well done for signing up! Sounds like it'll be an awesome event!

    You have loads of time to train and something to keep you out there running through winter now (if you needed a reason you've got one now.. :) )

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