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Oh What a Beautiful Morning

The morning here was lovely, the sun was out and there was no rain or mist. I'd hurt my hamstring after my last run, so have had a fair few days off, so I took it really tentatively this morning, and made sure I did plenty of stretches etc before I left the house. It was lovely to be back out there running - I can't believe how much I miss it when I can't run, this is all a new feeling for me.

I managed to complete Week 6 Run 1 without too much trouble although for some reason someone has decided to grow a load of brambles and nettles into my running route, so I had a few swerves to avoid these. However I wasn't so lucky with a passing motorist, when I needed to cross the road. I'd jogged up and down waiting for a gap. As soon as I started across the road, the car that was a good few hundred yards away put his foot down, racing up the road towards me, wound down his window and shouted, "I'll hit you next time!"

Feeling like a James Bond Martini (shaken not stirred) I managed to focus and carry on regardless. Why would anyone threaten a runner..?

Anyway, I completed the run, and took comfort in a nice warm shower and a cup of tea. I'm determined he won't put me off.

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Goodness, he didn't sound like a very kind motorist at all. Well done for completing w6r1. You're doing really well 😊


Well done ! as you say don't let them put you off. Others have related same experience. I get abuse sometimes when cycling. Not when I've been running yet.

The cowards never hang around for a response. I have a few that I regularly use !!

Just think he needs help. Hopefully towards an early grave !

Glad you didn't succumb to the demon drink and had a nice cup of tea !


Well done on your run. Glad that your leg is better, too. Brambles grow at some ridiculously fast rate, though, don't they!

As to Mr stupid and aggressive...lets hope his exhaust fell off. Or better still he ran out of the petrol and had to push and no one helped him. I loathe it when people who go out of their way to be mean to strangers. We all have bad days and react less than perfectly to others, but there are some people who put deliberate effort into it. Well done you for ignoring the pillock and carrying on!


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