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Post Run Sneezing

Evening everyone - I graduated a few weeks back having started c25K in the summer. My runs over the past few weeks at lunch-time have been in much colder conditions and I've found that an hour after each run I can't stop sneezing and for the next few hours seem like I have a horrendous cold. I am wrapping up and don't feel cold whilst I'm running. I am wondering if this is some sort of seasonal adjustment! Does anyone else suffer such symptoms? If so, any advice would be welcome to a winter running newbie😄

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It sounds like an allergy to something but you'd have to work out what it could be. Maybe something growing outside where you run? Or your shampoo or shower gel? Ask Mrs Google as I'm sure someone somewhere has the answer!

I take sneezing fits every now and again and have a very sensitive nose but I can usually work out what's causing it. For me it's dust and strong fragrances. But it is annoying isn't it?


Thanks Irishprincess. Using same shower products as normal and running in very different locations, but pleased to report all was fine today ... but it was warmer! Fingers crossed that it was my body just getting adjusted to winter 😄.


That's great to hear! I took another sneezing fit driving today! Not good 😱


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