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back to W6 R1

lost momentum with the after work runs, I hate the cold weather.

Dragged myself to the gym back to treadmill and was delighted to complete W6 R1.

I think the last time I tried I couldn't quite manage it. Love how fitness and stamina are maintained even if you have a C25K short break but still do other exercise in-between. I was leading a field trip last weekend so there was lots of hiking but again, no running.

I will definitely try W6 R2 this week!

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The weather a thought!!! I was checking out the winter gear on line as I have never ran on the treadmill. Like you I was on hols last week & amazed at difference in my stamina as found the hill walks a lot easier!! Ran last Sunday & although walked plenty ran yesterday harder motivating myself so must try getting out 3 times a week again to keep me motivated!! Well done you keep on 🏃🏃 nearly there & enjoy😊x

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Hey well done! I'm not loving this cold weather but like you love the fact that if you miss a few days you don't lose it.

I have missed a few days, got a bit dehydrated and tired from spending so much time in hospital with my Mum. Thankfully, she is better and home so I know that when I go out tomorrow I will still be able to it.

Keep going, good luck with R2. x

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Just sheer, pig headed determination gets you a long way doesn't it? :-D At least with W6 you see the back of the intervals. Happy running :-)


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