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I can see graduation in the distance


Week 7 run 2, just completed.

Didn't think I'd still be here after difficult week 5+6, yet here I am, still trudging on, looking like a fright as I jog by. My face in a frown of determination, arms pumping, bum sagging, belly( no let's not go there) - you get the picture, doing my running motion of a brisk walk right till end of 25 mins! Apart from 30 secs I stopped to stroke a cat. Bless it, always comes running up to me with a little meow and shake of its tail, don't tell Laura! The prog works and the support from u guys has kept me going when I would have given up.

Can see my graduation badge in distance.


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Well done, Annty. That graduation badge will be yours in just a couple of weeks and then the world will be your running oyster.

Your running style sounds very similar to mine except that I smile when people can see me - only because I read that some think that running must be horrible because all runners look so miserable and I want to change that perception!

On a day like today it's good to be alive!

Annty in reply to MrsLis

Your right,

Will make an effort to smile at folk I pass by, already have their dogs running up for a crafty sniff of my hand, some days I get back covered in dog slavver! I'm an animal person in case you hadn't guessed. I may never run with wolves like Kevin Costner but I can sure run with the neighbourhood pets. Cheers for the reply + I'll take it on board.

Happy running.


Well done Annty! You're doing really well...isn't it amazing how far we've all got since week 1 run 1! Stroking the cat is no different to tying your shoelaces, except more essential, obviously!

Annty in reply to Raven2016

Can't believe how far we've come, so many people in the same position,struggling, unbelieving and finally actually enjoying, it's an amazingly supportive group.

Happy running.


😂😂😂😂😻😻😻😻 well done meowwww


Well done Annty- you sound as though you run just like me! You will be a graduate in no time, keep up the great work!

Annty in reply to Von99

Thanks von99,


Il join you on the running style too😀😀 however just think all those that see us out there might be thinking ... Well done them for getting out there it puts me to shame .. If they can do it surely I can!! It's funny when I see people coming towards me I give myself a wee push to run faster then slow down after I've passed them 😂 we have done so well & you are so close to that graduation badge I can see it shining away waiting for you😊Enjoy! & well done! X

Annty in reply to Pc59

You know Pc59, I do the same at the start of my runs.

Soon as I see someone or if I'm passing them I go into this - 'oh this is easy' act, as if I'm only running slow because this is the warm up to the 10 miler I'm about to do.

15 mins in and I can no longer keep up the pretence, that's when the frown gets going and I could no longer care less what people think of me just so long as I complete the run without needing assistance to hobble home.


I still have 28 lbs to lose, graduated about 6 months ago now. When I was on the programme I thought if I run any slowe, I will be going backwards! I was scared to go out in my running tights but braved it. Now I have graduated, I will run through town and even round my estate, nothing wrong with a girl getting fitter and stronger. Good for you, be proud of all your achievements and all the best

Annty in reply to JoolieB1

Thanks julieB1,

Haven't lost an ounce but wasn't expecting to really, I like cake and chocolate too much. But I have gained a new perspective of self, an achievement I hadn't thought possible and I know I'm getting fitter which is far more healthy.

It was people such as yourself + the others here that gave me the confidence to go out there regardless of looks.

We all appreciate something that is hard earned. Respect to those who have struggled, who have got off the couch, who are trying, do it for yourself and forget the fashion police.🙂


Well done Annty! I'm new to the group, just done my Wk6R2 though and also thoroughly enjoying reading the posts here and, despite the cold and the hard work, enjoying the running now, having got over my embarrassment of being seen by neighbours in running gear exposing my lumps and bumps, and no makeup, or huffing and puffing in the park. This is about all of us trying to do something for ourselves, for our health so good luck with the final few runs before you graduate!

Annty in reply to FozSoc

And also to you FozSoc, thanks for the reply. At week 6 you're doing really well now, think I can see you just behind me, there's a graduation badge on the table for you when you're ready, not long now.

Happy running everyone



Awwh, thanks!

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