Bless my ignorance

Good morning!!

At the end of every podcast Laura says that if I have any questions, I should just refer to the NHS website.Which is how I eventually after 6 weeks discovered this new favourite place to be, by the way.

I also midway through my week 7 discovered that the plan is set out on the website and to be honest, had I seen what was awaiting me at the end of week 5 I probably would have been discouraged by the 20 minutes of running and I would have given up. Because how on earth does one go from running for 8 minute intervals to 20 minutes. Insane right?

I am so greatful that I only came across it when I was at the "running only" stage of the plan.

I remember my Week 5 Day 3 while I was doing my warm up walk at a parkrun of all places. And I'd pay to see what my facial expression was in reaction to Laura saying I'll be running for 20 minutes. But it went OK, and I felt brilliant afterwards.

If you've already seen the plan, then that's OK. Forewarned is forearmed, right? But whatever you do, don't let the longer runs discourage you. You're brilliant!

Go for it!



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  • I don't think it would be a bad idea for the podcast to be updated and promote this forum, it's a real motivator.

  • I think we still promote it here as many still go to find Laura. I'm not in charge of the promotional banners otherwise I would be putting a big poster up for it ๐Ÿ˜€.

  • So true. I think wk5 run3 is the most talked about run on here. It is also the run that gives the biggest back I think. For me it took me weeks to do it but when I did I was a dedicated runner and I was never going to go back to being a non runner again, even now with a triathlon and two HM under my belt it is still the up there with the most memorable runs I've ever done.

  • Me too. Well the most memorable runs bit. Not the triathlon and two HM under my belt bit!

  • I deliberately kept the blinkers on and never looked ahead. Manageable chunks and all that. It's simpler if you just deal with the run immediately in front of you.

    Good luck with the rest of the programme!

  • I agree 100%. I'm so glad I didn't know about the longer runs sooner.

    I must say that I'm absolutely awed by your "Graduate" badge. Well done, you. Hopefully I'll be able to come show off mine in about a month too!!


  • Welcome SA and great post. Graduation is in your sights, but keep coming back to the forum, it's a great support system.

  • Yes that badge can be yours. Just go really slowly! The trick is to get to Graduation without injury, so going really carefully is key

    You can also buy a metal Graduate badge from here, which you can pin to your run jacket. If you don't have a run jacket yet then that would make a great graduation gift to yourself

  • I Love the idea of photo's of people's faces when they hear they now have to run for twenty minutes!!! I know mine would have been quite a picture!!! Isn't it astonishing though how Laura is quite right, and we really can do it!!!! Love the program and Love the Forum. You're Brilliant too!!!

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