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Week 6 - welcome!

After yet another week of no running I ventured out to conquer run 1 of week 6. Wasn't easy but loved the fact that there were walks as well as runs but I know this doesn't happen for too much longer so I shall enjoy it while I can. Hoping to get to week 7 by next weekend. Burned 160 calories and covered 3.5k. Does that sound about right in terms of distance covered including the warm up and cool down walks?

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Well done. I had about 2 weeks without running due to moving home and can be a bit daunting with a break but I'm back in the groove now! Can't remember back to week 6 now but I bet I wasn't any faster than you . As everyone here will say take it as slow as you like the speed will come later. Without even trying my speed is gradually increasing.

Let us all know how you get on.


You sound as if you're doing fine. The distance covered doesn't matter. Just concentrate on finishing each session. Enjoy it! Take it steady and you'll be fine.


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