A grey-haired newbie!

Hi everyone. Even before I've added this profile the members here have been supportive ... so thank you! In February 2016 I started out distinctly fat and unfit. I began with tackling the weight problem because that mattered most for my various medical conditions. 30 - odd pounds lighter now - a few pounds off my original target but have decided that bit doesn't matter as a goal any more - I have just moved to having fitness as my goal. With a personal trainer at the gym once a week, I've even started to miss it if I don't go (& anyway he grumbles if I haven't been!). Now onto starting to run but it's MUCH harder than I expected - not at all sure if it's the mind that is saying NO NO NO or my body saying NO NO NO. Snag is that they seem to agree with each other. Looking forward to as much support from the group as I can - I'll need it, I think!!


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  • Okay... well, now you are here.. welcome.

    First.. don't ignore your body... it will complain and it will protest at different muscles being used, that is fine...if things really hurt, then that is the time to pull back a little..... but DO ignore the mind.. the pesky gremlins try to put us off at every turn.

    You take it slow and you take it steady.. simple as that! We are fantastic on here... encouragement and support, cajoling and a little shove if needed. Never judgemental and never unkind. It dos not get better. Plus, all the way with you on your journey!


    Are you prematurely grey or are you one of us slightly more mature models ?

  • definitely one of the much more mature models! I did go prematurely grey but that was now so long ago that I can't remember!

  • That is fine... we are a great bunch... like fine wines, or cheese, beautifully mature :)

  • I started going grey at 17, fully grey by 25. LOVED IT - got to date older chicks who were much more interesting and sane than all the bubble-gum teenyboppers my friends had to settle for :) Also got into the 'Over 25's Only' nightclubs in my early 20's - far more fun than the 'teen discos' my pals had to endure :)

  • Trust the framework of the programme, run slow..then slower still, respect the Rest Days, read the earlier posts of pre-Graduates if you feel 'terminally unique' and remember that hardly anyone ever graduates 'on time and with distance' :)

    Then you will enjoy the process and sooner than you think possible will be a graduate aiming to run that 5K in less than twenty minutes or some such ;)

  • Welcome as oldfloss has said your here great start (I dye mine) !! I'm due to finish week 6 tomorrow and I started with wheezing and feeling 60 sec was a lifetime , I'll be attempting 25 mins tomorrow and posting how I completed it!!!

    Believe in yourself and just go for it every run for me was such an accomplishment and felt like winning a race , the feeling is great so get out there and be sure to let us know good luck

  • That will be those pesky gremlins, they get to all of us . Don't listen! You have already done so well!

    If we can all do this, then you can too!

    Are you using the NHS C25K podcasts? They will get you to graduation and beyond, especially with the support of this forum. Get out there and run but as Oldfloss says, take it slow and steady.

    I ignore my grey.......I've decided to wear it with pride and eligence, except when I've been running of course, then I wear it with sweat and a nice beetroot coloured face 😳

    Happy running and keep us postedπŸƒπŸΌβ€β™€οΈπŸƒπŸΌβ€β™€οΈπŸƒπŸΌβ€β™€οΈπŸ˜ƒπŸ˜ƒ

  • I started out 3 years ago at age 67. I ran my 77th parkrun today and my running log has now recorded 2,560 klms. When I started , I couldn't even run 1 minute so C25K was way too much for me - so I did this programme first mayoclinic.org/healthy-life.... It only had me running for 15 seconds at a time at the beginning :)

    You can do this!!!

  • Hi there David, it is the mind not the body. We all have "gremlins" who tell us we can't do it. Don't listen to them. YOU CAN do it. Take it easy. Trust in Laura. She will get you there. Then you can impress all your friends and family. You will see, it is wonderful.

  • Well done for joining the programme . It's really not a question of age. I am so much fitter now than I was at twenty . I also have some grey hair but the hairdresser covers it up ! Enjoy and don't listen to the gremlins


  • Welcome! you can achieve all sorts if you just believe, and put the work in!

    I don't believe in gremlins!

    Good luck with the programme. when the going gets tough, slow down!

  • Welcome. This program does wonders, it's great that you're joining us.

  • Welcome. Just give it a go. Trust the programme and you will make great progress. Shut the gremlins in a cupboard but do listen to your body! When I started I thought I would never graduate and I was exhausted after w1r1! But like the others here I made it and enjoy running.

  • Well everyone, I suppose you will all have thought by now that I'd given up ... well no I haven't! Like Bazza1234 I found the starting point too hard in C25K, so I went off and found a Pre-C25K schedule (I have been using one from coacheaglesgirl & if anyone needs it I'll give the full link). This preparation schedule started in a similar way to what Bazza1234 said, with just 15 seconds of jogging and 2min 15 secs of walking. I'm now on week 3 of the pre-C25K 3 week programme, & did my first week 3 pre-C25K run this evening .... it's now 45 seconds of jogging and 1 min 45 seconds of walking, 8 repeats. Just hoping it feels a bit easier on run 2 later this week ... I'm definitely not a natural runner but I'm determined to get into the C25K as soon as I'm able to. I don't care if I have to keep repeating weeks, I just want to get on and move forward in the programme. For anyone that's interested I did my "run" tonight on the dreadmill (did you see the rain!!) at 5.5 km/h walk and 7.5 km/h jogging. To everyone on this forum a simple THANK YOU for the encouragement and support, without it I wouldn't be working so hard to get back on track.

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