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Couch to 5K
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Still going...got to week 5

Having skipped a couple of runs because I seem to have some residual ability from doing it before - I think it's mainly in the mind - I have just completed W5 run 1, so its beginning to get serious now. Thanks everyone for the encouragement a couple of weeks back, it helps to tell people what you are doing as it makes it more difficult to give up! Sue

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Yes, we will be watching you and ready to give a small gentle shove if needed.!

Very well done, and keep it slow and steady... I know you hear it a lot, but it works! :)

Onward and upward :)


You've done it before, you can do it again!!


Yes, all eyes on the forum certainly holds one accountable.


I just did W5R1 as well, after my summer lay off. It felt absolutely fine. I can't believe how much easier C25K is the second time. Two years running has obviously really changed my fitness levels for the better. Yippee!


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