Progress of sorts - again

Did my first Park Run on Saturday, which I found Very hard, despite being a 'graduate'. It was the hills wot did it, but everyone was very kind and encouraging. I did literally come last out of 250, but hey ho. But I did the first of the post-graduation podcasts yesterday and found it really good - and didn't struggle at all. It must have been a fluke! It makes up for being placed 250th on Saturday!

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  • What a beautiful humanitarian gesture that was! No one else had to feel bad by coming last! :) They say a step back is often a step forward. Keep up the good work!

  • haha. i will be So happy if I'm Ever placed anywhere but last. I've discovered a madly competitive streak in myself I didn't really know was there.

  • I am hoping to start Parkrun in the next few weeks, and I fully expect to match your achievement! I haven't dared brave the post-grad podcasts though!

  • The good thing about the Parkrun stats is that there are several different 'views', so in terms of gender and age group I was second! And as it was my first run it counts as a PB! The course steward (?) who had to run with me, as I was last, was really sweet and kept saying what a tough course it was (those hills!) and said I was doing Really well! btw I really recommend the first post-grad podcast...

  • Well done doogaloo! You may have been last but you were placed at 250 whereas I was placed 544! Parkrun was fun but massively attended in my local park with runners and walkers so it is easier to blend in as a beginner. But the number of people is quite overwhelming! Would you do it again?

  • omg that is even better than me! yeah definitely will try to do every week. There are worse humiliations in life than being last in Parkrun, i've decided! And if I ever come anything but last I will be 'over the moon'. There are people on my run who belong to running clubs and do the 5k in 17 minutes (?) so i feel it's not surprising I'm not at their level after six months.

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