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New Diabetic Runner

I have recently started the C25K plan, just finished week 2 and moving on to week 3 tomorrow morning.

My main motivations for trying to do the programme are that I am Type 1 Diabetic and struggle at times to control my Blood Glucose properly. Although I never thought I would be able to do the runs properly I have been amazed how much the podcasts have helped with motivation and slowly building up the training.

With my Diabetes I have been finding doing the runs first thing in the morning before breakfast has been very beneficial, no meal time insulin to worry about complicating things that way.

Previously when doing any form of exercising I have had a tendancy to have low blood sugars but careful planning has so far stopped this from happening, although they do go low later in the day on a run day but I'm working on that.

Having just stumbled across this community I have enjoyed reading everyones experiences.

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That's great! I'm sure you'll figure out the routine that's best for you as you go along :)

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Well done on your start and I'm sure you are in the right place for encouragement and support. My wife is type 1 and she took up running about 10 years a go and it really has helped her manage and control her diabetes. I also know it takes a bit of extra courage and planning to start exercising with the risk of hypos... but for my wife this has always been outweighed by the benefits of running. Good luck with the rest of C25K, I'm sure you'll reap and feel the benefits.:-)

As for me I'm doing run 2 of week 2 tonight...


It is good to hear that other type 1's like your Wife see the benefits of running. I'm definitely finding having no food beforehand making it easier. This is probably going to be more difficult towards the end of the 9 weeks as it will probably start to be icy first thing in the morning so I may have to revert to evening runs.

I think exercising with Type 1 is sometimes a mental barrier that needs broken, if you go low it doesn't really matter as long as you are prepared and can treat it if necessary.

Good luck with Run 2 of Week 2. I did the first two runs of week 2 while away on holiday on country roads. I'm certain the cows and sheep were wondering what on earth I was up to. I'm also going to have to do some of weeks 6&7 while away.


Thanks, feeling a bit under weather today, but I think I'll manage my run.

Yes... agree there is an extra mental barrier for type 1, but wife thinks its one of things she has done to assist diabetes. I did worry about her about her a bit at first but she carries dextrosol and eats before she goes (or not if glucose levels are a little high).

My wife went from someone who never really exercised and was a little overweight to someone who knocks off 10k on a Saturday morning barely breaking into a sweat. She is a bit of an inspiration to me! One day, in the not to distant future, I hope to catch her up!! :-)

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You sound like you've got everything sensibly under control. just make sure you reduce the insulin or take something to eat with you! My son is type 1 too and he usually just doesn't have much insulin before sport. You will find running a great bonus in your diabetes management. Well done for getting out there :)

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Thank you.

Yes it was all going so great and then I did Week 3 Run 1 yesterday and managed to pick up a massive groin injury in the last 15 seconds of the final run, so that will be a stop to it for a while now :-(

It is really good to hear of other people that have experiences of exercise and Type 1.

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