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Back To It

So, my pulled muscle is gradually healing - I never knew they could be such a pain in the ...leg.

I've had 4 weeks off. It's been HORRIBLE, I've so missed my runs and I've found it harder to keep on my weight loss programme without them. BUT i'm going to start running again next week. i was on week 8 when I injured myself. I'm thinking of going back to week 7. Any thoughts?

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If you are doing no exercise you have to eat moderately if you don't want to undo your good work with your weight loss You just have to be steely 😊

So, your calf is better and you're back to running. Great! You might feel less fit for your enforced break but I think if you were fit before then you won't have lost much in the way of stamina. You will just have to see how it goes. Redoing the last week might be a good plan actually as you want a gentle reintroduction. You might only need re-do one run

Good luck? Take care ☺

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Having just returned from a torn calf muscle myself I would advise starting with some gentle run/ walk to test it out and break yourself back in. Try 1 minute running and 30secs walking for about 10 repeats and see how it feels.

You will quickly build back up but start out a bit gently.

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