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I've missed that post run rush part 2

Finally got back up to 30 mins non-stop running (yay!) but clocked an excruciatingly slow 2.06 miles (3.34km approx.). On my walk home I started to think about why I was doing this:

Mood management - yep, that still works

weight loss / toning up - yep, doing the job

love the post run rush - yep, again

feeling of achievement - and again with the 'yep'...

So, no, not where I wanted to be (I knew it was to good to be true, swanning through the original challenge) at this point post graduation, but I can run 30 minutes non - stop, still getting out of it what I wanted and the speed will come.

Have a nice day, peeps.

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A lot of "yeses" there Polly. Just remember how epic you are and how most people will never live to say they ran for 30 minutes 😊


Awww, thanks... :-D


pollyp1 , you're going about the speed I go. Speed and distance will come, I keep telling myself. Right now if we're ticking all those other boxes we're doing great :)

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