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First week done!

As a 61 year old I knew it was my last chance to try and get fit. Now retired I spend a lot of time holidaying and meeting friends for coffee and of course cake! I asked my daughter s and grandchildren to join me so the 8 of us, age range 3 - 33 and me completed week 2 run 1 yesterday, a lot of moaning and groaning but we did it 🏃‍♀️🏃🏃🏃

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Yeay! Go you... a mere 61.... a youngster! No excuses when we are retired, are there?

Well done you...keep it up.. steady and slow.... who pushed the three year old in the pushchair...or did she outstrip all of you ? :)

Welcome anyway...this is a great place. keep posting, so much support and encouragement and the odd push if you need it... I started this last year, this time at 65... 66 now, still running three times a week and up to 9 K... just doing it in my own time and really enjoying the journey... I look forward to your next post :)


Amazing - well done! A friend of mine goes running every morning and he is mid-60s. I'm a more mature runner too, at 50 (currently on Week 9). Good luck with it - sounds a great idea to get your family involved too, sounds a lot of fun!

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Welcome! Great to hear you've started the program. The big family run sounds fun! :)


Thanks for your support, doing it with the girls and 3year old boy and I forgot to add dog keeps us motivated. I'm off to Australia next week, a cruise first so I hope I can keep it up. The family have promised they will so I don't want them doing better than me 😂


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