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W3R2 revisited completed

Finished W3R2 on a high, high because of I was a bit intoxicated from last night strong liquor and red wine I drank at my neighbours. I thought I was going to have a very tough time running, my head felt heavy, I felt bloated with all the bad food I consumed, I had three days of running off due to busy schedules there was no way I could run but I couldn't let my young lad down he got his running gear on and told me time to hit the park before it gets dark.

I crawled out the door with him and hoping the 5 minutes warm up would wake me up a bit and get me going to my surprise the 5 minutes walk went smoothly when it was time to run, I ran through the 90 seconds and 3 minutes without feeling a thing much faster on speed than when I first ran that week even when Laura said keep calm or you'll feel tired at this point I didn't feel a thing. If having a little tipple can get me running so good perhaps that is something to think about. Lol

I'm loving every moment of re-running the c25k I'm even enjoying Laura's music especially the one at the beginning of W3, "It's a beautiful day" I hated that song first time. lol

One thing was a downer the Endemendo GPS tracker wasn't working but I've managed to sort it out from their website after my run. So I still don't know my speed as yet hopefully next time I get a result.

Good luck to all who are running W3.


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Well done 😳

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Thank you. :)


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