Entering Formal 5Ks - a question to the forum

Hi all

At what stage did you or would you enter a formal 5K run? I know that not many people initially cover 5K in C25K, but can run for 30 minutes. I also know that at many 5K events, parks or similar, some people walk parts and run parts.

I read the blurb for a night time event called Supernova and so wanted to run it, glow sticks and all, but really felt that I can't or would not be up to standard mid-November. I would need longer, I am sure. I figured if I in a month I learned to manage the 20 or 25 min runs (at my very very slow pace, tortoises are faster) then walk half of it, I would feel challenged and encouraged to do more.

However I would not want to be at the very tail end of a big event and feel down and demoralised 'L' for loser etc etc

When would you go for it?

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  • Do it!! I actually started the program because I had committed to a 5k with colleagues. It landed about a month after graduation, so I did have the benefit of practice.

    That being said, I wish started events earlier. Our 5k 'races' always have loads of walkers, and the fun themed ones even more so.

    You can always run the first part and walk the end. Or do run/walk intervals through the whole thing (I still often do this). Just be realistic about your expectations and make the purpose to have fun and celebrate your journey, not get some smashing time.

  • Just saw your other post about being done W5R2. Definitely sign up - I didn't realize you were already at the 20 minute run!

  • Go for it! The adrenalin will get you through, you'll have great fun with the glow sticks, you'll probably find that some people walk the whole thing so won't be last, but if you are so what? Someone needs to cross the finish line last or the marshals and organisers won't know when it's time to go home and if it's a big event you won't all be starting at the same time so the last person across the line may have started 10, 20, 30 minutes after the first person across the line, who knows?

    But most importantly enjoy it!

  • have you checked the website for the event and does it have a result page? That way you will know roughly where you'll end up

  • Is it the one at the Kelpies ? I have signed up for it and it will be my first 5k event. Go for it I think it will be great fun 😊

  • Yea it is. I would definitely if my run (jog) wasn't so slow. I know I would find people walking past me dispiriting as they would be faster than my run. So I'm tending to think I won't.

  • Sign up for parkrun... very welcoming to all abilities and running levels. People doing run/walk intervals are a very common sight at most parkruns.

  • Like the others said, go for it. I did a 5K the week before I had actually finished the couch to 5K programme and it was fine, I had done a parkrun so knew I could run the distance, I wasn't very fast but didn't disgrace myself and I got a medal and t-shirt too.

  • I have entered one to coincide with the end of C25K 6th Nov. thought it would give me something to aim for and keep Me running πŸƒπŸ» or walking πŸ˜‚ Just going to do it and as long as I finish I'm not bothered πŸ‘

  • This stuff is just for fun. It's not an athletics meet. No one will judge you. It sounds like the perfect platform for you ,do it and have fun. ,it'll be an absolute blast 😊

  • πŸ˜€ Hey don't knock back of the pack running, I love it. I have always run at the back of the pack and I feel no shame for it. The best thing is to do it with a big smile because the smile becomes contagious and everyone around you will join in. I wave thank you to all the marshals and just have the best time ever. It dosent matter if you have to walk a little it's common at the back as most of us start of a little too fast before it catches up with us. But trust me those at the back are in it for the pure fun of it. Give it a go, and don't be surprised if you get totally hooked like me.πŸ˜€.

  • Oh yes definitely go for it !

    I agree with Realfoodieclub , absolutely no shame whatsoever being at the back at all !

    I came in last at an event, and got a massive round of applause that was nearly as loud as what the winner got ha ha :-D

    There really are no " losers " in these events, its all great fun ! :-) xxx

  • Go for it! I came joint last in a 10k AND got a PB!!!

  • Do it. I did my first 10km a few weeks and was last at 81'55". I was 7 minutes behind the previous runner. I got cheered when I passed the finish line and felt a wonderful sense of achievement. I am frequently last at Parkrun but I am getting out.

  • I'd also definitely say 'do it!'. I just did a night fun run with my daughters (Glow in the Park), and it was fab. Lots of walkers, lots of run/walk people. I should imagine relatively few people ran the whole thing - after all, particularly for things like this, colour run, colour obstacle etc., the fun you have going round is a massive part of the whole experience. Neither the colour obstacle rush, nor glow in the park (the only two 'organised' runs I've done this year) have any timing.

    Get yourself some lights (LED flashing laces in your trainers help you fly along. That's my top tip!), go along, have fun! :)

  • Definitely go for it. You will have a great time, and that's what matters. Even if you do come last, someone has to, and it means that next time out you have a target to beat. And here's a story for you: I've been running for over four years now, and I'm not fast, but I'm steady-ish. I entered a 5k timed event locally to see what my time was because it had been a while since I completed a 5k. I didn't come last. I was officially second-to-last, with a time of 35.30. The last person was a little boy called Lewis. He's three years old. My ambition is to leave Lewis in my dust next time :D

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