New to forum and running!!!

Hi, I am a 47yo mum of three (15,18,19) Brit living in Canada. Having read posts on this forum, I believe I have some of those lungs, genetically unsuited to running, I keep hearing about. Can walk non stop for days but run, no way. I've been in Canada since 2000 and have watched with interest the rise of running in U.K among the general public. One by one all the friends I stay in touch with, have posted how they have completed their first Park Run etc etc. I've known these people ages and really some of them were very unlikely runners. I started thinking maybe I could do it. So here I am in the wave of post London Marathon newbies to this forum. I reallly need the support this forum can provide for two reasons. First, there are no other c25k people within 996 miles of me according to app and no Park runs, Run for Life etc to aim for, no local support network. Second, there is snow on ground here for 5 months of the year and temperatures can be extreme.

Anyway, the purpose of this post is to yell and scream that "I DID IT!!!" Just completed W1/R1and survived😀😀😀


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  • That's the spirit. You'll get on well here.

  • I used to have a pair of those lungs but replaced them somewhere along the line with Marvel superhero lungs (not Iron Man - that would be Iron Lung which is quiet different). I also had legs that were designed only to... well we'd best not go into that, but it wasn't running.

    However, this is C25k and (cue stuttery uh-uh-uh-uh-uh sound effect and brass fanfare) ... we have the technology to rebuild you...

    or rather you have the technology to rebuild yourself. We just goad you with sticks.

    As to no C25k people within 996 miles, see that as a good thing. Most of them smell weird and all they ever talk about is sports bras and Garmins and how their shins are sore.

    Support network - local, schmocal. That's what the Interwebz is for.

    Winter temperatures - well, there's always the treadmill. You might not get chased by moose but at least... um... you won't get chased by moose.

    Are we done here? Look forward to hearing from you post W1 R2.

    And well done, btw.

  • those bras are comfy btw ..wait ..what?

  • I get my hands tangled in the elastic

  • Not so hard to get on, but they are a b****r to get off when you're all sweaty.

  • a certain sheen of perspiration does tend to accompany teh occasions when I have had to remove them

  • Thanks Rignold. W1 R2 pencilled in for a Wednesday. Can't say I enjoyed the running thing (maybe because I was sure I would be useless and had built it up to be hard) but the sense of achievement is palpable and the muscles ok right now ( ask me again tomorrow!).

  • The feeling of empowerment from being able to run when previously you couldn't, especially if you have written off ever being able to, is quite literally life changing. The confidence it gave me in all aspects of my life was a revelation. Even if the worst happens and I can no longer run, it has given me the realization that I can do pretty much anything with determination, consistency and a sensible plan.

  • What he said :)

  • Yep, totally agree - starts to eat away at the squatting gremlins that can sabotage your life...

  • Have you checked for a Park Run in your area recently? I was quite surprised to find a number of them have popped up since I last checked last year... have a look!! You might be pleasantly surprised!

    Good on you - completing the W1/R1. Continuing won't be difficult - it's the starting that's the hard part! Go Bonkers! lol

    (and welcome! there are loads of very, very helpful and supportive folk around here!)

  • Thanks RuNananana but Parkrun here in Canada is very much in its infancy with five locations and 1007 runners, all in Ontario ( a 3.5 hour flight from me) and British Columbia (9 hour flight). Im in Newfoundland, an island off east coast of Canada with a population of less than half million spread over the area of France. Although it would be great, and I will keep my eyes open, I doubt it's gonna reach me here. Populations are too small and would only be able to operate April to Nov ☹️. I'm hoping one or more of my kids will settle somewhere with Parkrun and I will have excuse to visit often.

    But wait, I gave to get to 5 km first!!

  • But see - that's how much confidence I have in you - You'll get there :-)

  • Well done!

  • That could be me 996 miles away here in the USA :)

    Lungs genetically unsuited for running? Yep - know that feeling, I have both Exercise AND Cold Induced Asthma. I'm also only a degree or two from being Bilaterally Club-footed. I did D1W1 on June 1st last year out of sheer boredom and desperation with the rotten state of my physical self. 56 years old, way overweight, only a couple of years out from a twenty plus cigarette habit of almost 40 years, had literally never run more than a hundred yards in my life and even at that would feel like I was drinking acid down my trachea :)

    Could walk alright - special steel inserts in my footware, but walking got so darn BORING and i had to spend so much time at it with ever-diminishing returns I tried this Running lark.

    My 'dream' was to make it through W3 and see how far I'd get through W4...I kid you not. That first day I about died, seriously. Doubled over feeling like my lungs were trying to get out my nose, trying to breathe through my Bum, a blue tinge apparently around my eyes and lips which had a walker in the Park so scared that thankfully she fumbled the number for the Paramedics and I was able to tell her that I would probably live but I sure as heck did not want to pay $700 for an Ambulance if I did...

    That was June 1st. Graduated in, I think , November, did my first five miler in December, did my first 10K a couple of weeks ago - all without having to stop during them :) I'm not fast - but I feel better on every level that I ever have so consistently in my life before :)

    Read the earlier posts of Graduates they put on their way to Graduation - I bet you will find you are definitely not 'terminally unique' when it comes to this programme :) As long as a Dr does not tell you you should not do it ( I was told I COULD not run and at age 31 that I would be in a wheelchair in my forties) and having survived D1...we will see you at teh Graduation table just as long as in the meantime you keep doing the hardest few yards of all...continuing to go out the door to run ;)

    Best wishes 'Neighbor' :)

  • Thank you so much John, I really enjoyed reading your responses not only to me, but to others on the forum.

    Your best quote I've found so far is " we may run on our own but we never run alone! " That is brilliant for me here, right now.

    Reading your responses and others has made me realize that we all approach this challenge with unique circumstances and challenges and that's fine. But just like life, there is (nearly) always someone worse off than yourself. If we seek out the positive and refuse to allow the negatives to derail us, we will all succeed.

    I don't have work on weight loss like some here, I'm not inactive ( in fact I will do almost anything, as long as it's not running!), at the moment at least, finding time to run is not an issue for me , as it is for some, BUT, I do have a dodgy big toe joint that basically doesn't work properly due to an old injury. I'm sure anyone anaysing my gait would be horrified but it only hurts some of the time and I have never let it stop me walking, so why should it stop me running. You and most people here have far more reason and you didn't let it stop you.

    Keep up the great work, out in your "sneakers" and here at your keyboard, you are an asset to the forum.


    Ps I agree, the Swansea runner who stopped to help another in distress, was the real achiever on Sunday

  • Congratulations on your first C25K run! The first step out the door is the most difficult. You're on your way!

    I think I'm the person 996 miles away. I'm in Montreal. The treadmill is an option when it's cold and icy. I started the program 3 years ago and lose a bit of fitness each winter as my running is less frequent but end up where I was quickly. It's progressing past 5k that I'm still working on.

    Iskio lists running events in Canada. Maybe you'll be able to find one to use as a goal.

  • Thanks Lavendar1962, I feel good today and optimistic about my run tomorrow W1R2.

    I don't currently own a treadmill and have always been a bit scathing about them ( maybe a side affect of my allergy to running) but never say never. Here in Gander we have a walking/ running track which goes around the top of the bleachers in the arena. I have also been reluctant to use this in past mainly because of all the smelly, sweaty, hockey players/kit in vicinity but now I find myself hoping that by nov/dec when snow comes, I will be suitably hooked on this running business that I will do my 5k there if I can't get outside.

    Thanks for reaching out to me. I was just wondering, are you francophone or anglophone? Your English is better than my French!


  • Hi Lindsey,

    I'm an anglophone so I hope my English is not too bad.

    I've seen the tracks around the top of rinks at some of my son's out of town hockey games and thought they were a good idea. I wish there was one close to me. But then again I'm used to the hockey smell.

    By the winter you will likely be addicted to running and will run somehow!

    It must be beautiful where you live. I've never been to Nl but it looks enticing.

    I look forward to hearing about your progress.

    For the events there are many that run/walk or walk. They are fun to do. You can always look at the stats to see the times from last year.

  • By November, you'll have plenty of experience of smelly sweaty kit of your own. And you'll see it as a thing to be celebrated... :) :)

  • Hello and welcome. Canadian here checking in. I'm on the other side of the country, in Calgary. Are you in St John's?

    As Lavender1962 says, check for local events, you'd be surprised how many running events are put on, even in small communities. And if you happen out this way I'll take you to our local Parkrun. Parkrun is spreading fast in Canada, hopefully it comes to your neck of the woods soon.

    Also, running can be a year-round outdoor pursuit, even in Canada. It gives you ultimate bragging rights.

    Happy running and keep posting. We're here for advice and encouragement.

  • Hi Runswithdogs, no not St Johns but Gander (330km northeast of SJ in Central NL). I know that once a year, in Aug I think, there is a " Commander Gander Road Race" as part of the week long Festival Of Flight. 5km and 10km options ( plus shorter one for kids). I am half thinking that I may try the 5 km either this year if things go neatly in nine weeks or next year if it takes me longer. My concern is that, unlike a Park Run, where, if it doesn't go well, you can say, ok I'll come back next week and do it differently, there would be a lot of pressure to get it right because it's an annual event.

    Also, in St Johns there's a thing called the Tele10, again annual , and , to be honest, I am on setting my sights any higher than 5km. Also, SJ is very hilly and I'm currently trying to keep inclines to a minimum.

    I'm really curious about your Park Run. Do you do it all year round? I can easily understand Canadians running in very low temps but how do you deal with shear depths of snow? Or do you not get that much. When we have a lot here, trails aren't blown and although you can walk, with snow shoes on some days, the surface is not stable enough to run on. How many volunteers does it take to make it all work? I was really impressed how efficient it is in UK.

    Thanks for replying, I now feel like I have wrap around support, both to east and west. Time zones no issue , support day and night!!

    I'm raring to go tomorrow (W1R2)🏃🏼‍♀️

    PS I don't have dogs and the cat is too lazy to join me!

  • We started in September and only cancelled it once when the weather dropped below -25C. We ran it on ice, and in snow that was probably mid-calf deep? I've never been out east, but our snow is much drier than east coast snow so it probably makes a difference. On the plus side, I'm on the slower end, so all the fast guys make the initial tamping down of the route, so it's more manageable by the time I come around. There are big benefits to not being fast in the winter.

    Our group has close to 40 runners turning up each week. We have around 10 or so volunteer positions, but some are positions that allow for running the route as well. And we can make do without a few of the roles if needs be.

    If I may make a suggestion, I'd aim to run that 5km race this year. We didn't have Parkrun until late last year, but I've run probably close to 20 races or so...? Races don't have to be any more serious. At many of our 5km events, there are people that range from ~16 minute finishes to people that walk the entire route and take over an hour. I've been running close to 3 years and still walk frequently in the races. They're a fun way to celebrate your accomplishments. I haven't run a race I haven't enjoyed yet. Run the race for yourself and nobody else - don't put any pressure on yourself beyond showing up and having fun. Some days everything will click and you'll be a great runner, some days the running gods conspire against you and you won't be.

    Enjoy and happy running. I look forward to following your progress.

  • Hi, checked it out earlier today and guess what? It's on my birthday this year! I think that must be a sign!

  • Well, if that isn't a sign I don't know what is :) Happy running, this made my day.

  • Oh and last summer we had friends over from Uk who run Park runs in Cambridge every Saturday ( 16 yo daughter is a track and field sensation). The father, daughter, my husband and my son all ran it and I remember saying, "I can't run, simple as that"

    It would be kind of cool to see their faces😜

  • Well done we're all with you on this journey xx

  • Well done. I have zero input to give you but am interested in your progress. Enjoy xxx

  • See, you have only just begun and already you have several 'neighbours' on hand to support you :) . Well done for starting and good luck with keeping going. Near or far, we are all here to chip in with words of wisdom or commiseration, as required. And to have a few laughs along the way. X

  • Yes it's wonderful, time zones no object. I have three neighbours 1.5 and 3.5 hours behind me as well as loads of advice sources 3.5 hours ahead (UK) . So, I have wrap around support, from all directions, and advice any time of day or night!!

    Can't wait to do second run tomorrow!🏃🏼‍♀️

  • Hi

    Have just graduated and ran all of my sessions alone = well me and Laura-and hearing the crowds on the forum shouting keep going

    Good luck keep posting

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