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First Graduation Run Completed? Now let the flame wars begin :-)

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Having completed my Week6 Day 1 run yesterday and felt really good about it, I decided that this lunch time, I would go out for a stready state run and try and avoid any walking what so ever.

So In Endomomdo I created an interval training session with 200m warm up, and then a 1km stretch followed by another 200m stretch, until a distance of 5.6 k was created.

I then headed out at a slightly slower pace, and when the 200 metre stretches came, I made the conscious effort to slow my running pace right down; and invariably by the 200 m was up Iwas back at a a more natural runing pace.

And so I completed 5.2 km in 34'11 seconds. The same route yesterday took 34'57!

So I will have a rest tomorrow and have another go on Friday :)

Why flame wars? Possibly for two reasons, one jumping the gun from week six to week 8? Also that I didn't have a rest day!

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Excellent progress, well done! I'm in the same boat: After completing Week 6 (And running for 26 mins + 5 min warm up) I decided to skip to Week 9 and just run for the full 5km at a slower pace. Felt a little guilty as the programme had been so good up to now, but so far so good. Once I can run comfortably sub-30 (PB is 28.30) I'll go back to Week 8 and try to run under 28mins. Happy running Fat_stab :)

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And thanks for your reply. I am intending to complete this little run I have devised rather than the standard running, as the little breaks in pace will help me to pace myself.

The I may go back to week one/two and start the program again but jog the walk and run faster the running bits.

See how it develops.



Don't get too ahead of yourselves - going too fast/ too far too soon can easily lead to injury. I'm sure there are loads on here who can testify to that!

Sorry to be a spoilsport 😈

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I am anticipating some 'lecturing' :-)

but in my defence, I have ran half marathons in the past and done several charity events where rest days are a luxury!!

But I will be resting tomorrow, and repeat today's run on Friday, then on Sunday....


We really don't want to say " we told you so" have been warned........I wish you luck.

What you did in the past is one thing, but with your experience I am sure you do understand the implications of injury.

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"scratches head"

Week5 Run 3 is a 20 minute steady state run with ten minutes warming up/down. Basically today I did something rather simialr but closer to 30 minutes steady state running plus a warm up and warm down period.

"shrugs shoulders"


That's what I was thinking too about running in the past and the now. Sounds like you've got the stamina and physic Adrian but you still got to be careful with each run you've barely have rest days between runs.

That rest day would be beneficial.



We don't do flame wars here, we have more important things to be doing (people who enjoy that sort of thing soon get bored here)

There are lots of different ways into running and if you don't want to do it the NHS C25K way, well fair enough. It does often seem to be those who have done sport or feel they are fit already who struggle with completing the programme (more so than the couch potato) because they feel they know better or lack the patience. All C25K is trying to do is to train you in a habit of running continuously for 30 minutes safely and on a regular basis and for health reasons, so if you have other goals it may well not be right for you. I can entirely appreciate that someone who has been a long distance runner before might find it constraining. Presumably though there was some reason that your previous running success is in the past?

Just please don't ask for a graduation badge if you haven't completed all 27 runs of the programme, it isn't fair to those who have and isn't helpful to those who are trying to achieve it (We wouldn't give a badge to Mo Farah) You might want to drop by the Bridge to 10K and Marathon and Race Support groups on Health Unlocked - a lot of the same folk but also people who haven't done C25K... and badges for 10Ks and Half Marathons and Marathons.

πŸ˜€ "Flame Wars". We don't have flamers on here. We advise, support and celebrate on here.

Everybody has the right to do things there own way, but mostly people are asking for advice on their posts so it is gracefully offered.

I guess because of your break from running that started with a calf injury 4 months ago people are just looking out for you, which is what we are best at on here.

Good Luck with your own program.

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Support is one thing, critising is another



I started the programme as a result of injuries and a coupel of reasons, and I have actually found the first 5-6 weeks very useful. I am sure that if Ihad not followed the first 5 weeks religsiously, my old running instinct would not have kicked in. I also found doing extra runs from week 1 and 2 aso benficial.

The inforamtion that Ihave read does not state youhave to complete all 27 runs. Rather that youhave to comeplte 5km or run continuously for 30 minutes. Some take longer than , and Iam sure others inthe past have 'cut corners' becasue they feel they could.

I am not recomending others to cut corners at all, in fact Ihave suggested to sevearl members that they, like I did should repeat a week if they feel they need to.

I will also probably compelte the runs in one form or another.

But if this forum isnt going to be helpful to all members, then well, stop adverisign as a friendly supportive group, becasue clearly you are not!

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We try to be helpful to all members but we are the NHS C25k forum supporting their running app. We advertise ourselves as

"What we do

NHS Choices forum for the Couch to 5K community. Couch to 5K is a nine-week running plan for complete beginners, delivered through a series of podcasts. Download the Couch to 5K podcasts here: "

We take onboard other apps and programs because in reality the ones that have been devised by other sports professionals do not deviate too far from what our plan is so it tends to all fit in nicely.

You set out to inflame and you have. I would like a line drawn under this now.

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