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Missed two weeks shall I go back & repeat week 7??

Last ran W7R3 24.9.16. Then didn't get a chance to go out again before 28.9.16 when I went on a last minute holiday. I had every good intention of continuing the programme as brought my running gear however not being up early enough has meant it's been far too hot to run- high 20's - low 30's - so by the time I get home later this evening I can't see that I'll get out again until 8.10.16 because of everything else I have on. I should say I've missed it and am looking forward to getting back into it but wonder if I really ought to redo W7?? I don't really want to as I want to get on to progress to graduation but I guess I have a niggle in the back of my mind that after two weeks I might find it difficult and it might affect my motivation if I struggle with W8 having had the two week break. 🙁

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Hi - why don't you try W8 R1 first and if you feeling it's too much go back and try another couple of run 7's. You should be OK after just two weeks and maybe that niggle is a gremlin? 😮- good luck 😀

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I graduated just before my holiday and like you wondered if I should go back a step. I decided to take Laura, give it a go and see if I could make it all the way. Knowing I had given myself permission to stop if needed gave me a bit of a boost. Accompanying the stop gremlin (he always comes along for a while) I had a positive voice saying 'go on you can make it...but you can stop soon if you need to'. At the point Laura said I'd got 5 minutes left I knew I would make it but if I hadn't it wouldn't have been the end of the world. You've done well to get this far so good luck- you can do it :-)


Perhaps you should not look too far ahead. Perhaps set out to do week 8. If it doesn't work out as others say put it down as a practice run and net time go out with intention of doing a week 7 . Remember as other have said it is not a failure it is all progress.

I run regularly nearly 6K and due to pressures of moving house only did a 5K on Sunday and didn't feel as if I had had a run. Felt a bit disappointed but then thought to myself how far I had come from off the couch !

Then relished to getting back to doing 6K in future but slowly.

There is no rush you will get there. I know I have got to a stage where I do not want to give up the benefits of my running on my health and well being that helps me cope with all the other life stuff. it's now like food and drink !

Look forward to hearing how you get on !


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