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Stepping Stones -advice update

With thanks again for those who replied to my last post asking about the stepping stones podcast. Talking your advice, I went out yesterday evening to have a go. As many of your experiences suggested, it is not that easy too get your feet in rhythm with the music. Is was definitely having to do more steps and slow down quite often as I was tending to run a bit too quick for my current capacity. But that's great, as it means the podcasts will drive me forward over the next few weeks into running more quickly. In fact, the run distance was 1.95miles and average speed 3.91mph, which is good for me, especially as there were quite a few roads to slow down for and cross. the cardio respiratory system had a harder workout than usual and my legs ache a bit in new places today, so feel as though I have moved up a challenge. I am glad I did a few weeks on session 9 to consolidate as I think those sessions got me ready. A tip to all those who will be out running into a low, setting sun this evening , watch out for the low hanging tree branches - I had my hair unexpectedly combed last night !

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Great stuff! These podcasts are a bit strange, a bit like a warped record as they speed up and slow down, but all designed to move your running on

Keep on doing them til you have them off pat ☺

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