Quick check-in

Hi Everybody,

I am sorry I haven't been very active on the forum for quite a while but I am super-busy with the relocation to Italy, where I am also hoping to create a new parkrun event. I am probably busier now than when I was working full-time. It's a crazy time, but in a positive way. :)

I just wanted to let you know that you are in my thoughts, welcome all the new runners and congratulate the new graduates.

Normal broadcast will recover as soon as possible. XD


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23 Replies

  • Glad things are good for you Secan and lots of luck with your Parkrun plans! Just brilliant!🙂

  • Good to hear you are ok and I hope the madness dies down soon... And that's so exciting re the parkrun!!!

  • Secan! Great to hear from you...sounds so exciting and really positive..I am really glad things are getting better for you...we miss you x🙂

  • Just remember to keep us posted when you get back home.

  • Ooh that all sounds very exciting secan! Parkrun in Italy sounds like a dream trip 😊

  • Great to hear from you and everything sounds great!! Park run sounds fab....keep posting when you can :-)

  • I think it's fantastic that you're trying to set up Parkrun in Italy! Good luck and keep us posted.

  • Parkrun is already present in Italy but there are only four events; one in Milan, one in Palermo and two near Rimini (well, technically one of them is in San Marino territory...).

    I'll try to create a new one in Salento (Apulia), in or near Lecce. I hope to see you all there next summer. ;)

  • Now that would be fun! All of us doing a Parkrun together! Maybe spring would be better though - summer would definitely be too hot for me😎

  • I wrote "summer" because I've been told that, on average, it takes about three months to organise and launch a new parkrun (and it is likely to take longer in that area) but I'll do my best to have a brand new parkrun ready for you next spring. ;)

  • Lovely to hear from you . When is the big move ?

  • I'll move sometime during the second half of November, probably towards the end of the month.

  • I am so pleased that things are going well for you Secan .

    You are in our thoughts, and all the very best of luck with parkrun, that is just amazing ! :-) xxx

  • Hi Secan, good to hear from you even though you sound very busy! What a great idea to spread the parkrun message. Stay in touch.

  • Hi Secan! Have you had to sell/ buy a property? I'm trying to sell my house in France, would love any advice you can offer. Glad it's all going well for you, and a new ParkRun set up by you, that's brilliant! Kudos!

  • No, I have been renting here in the UK and I'll rent in Italy... I think I'll be able to enter the property ladder only when I'll buy my place at the cemetery. XP

    I'm sorry I cannot be of any help.

  • Thanks for getting back to me Scan. I really have no idea what to do with all my stuff - if my house ever sells now with Brexit...

  • A mix of France and Britain sounds a wonderful way of life! Are you relocating to Britain permanently?

  • Yes, if my house gets sold, I've been doing the half and half thing for 13 years, had enough now, and with the money from the house I could have long holidays.... - wanna buy a house?

  • Ooh yes! Would love to do the half and half thing! But there's the slight problem of work. Don't think they'll give me holidays for 6 months of the year. Sigh.

    You haven't by any chance got olive groves/wine, bed and breakfast or anything you could earn a living with? Hubby's heading for a burnout and I could pack him off to France to recuperate (not that he speaks French!) and do something he enjoys.

    Think I'm clutching at straws here😰

  • Ah no, sadly there's not much here except a stunning view!

  • Well, it might be harder to sell it to a Brit but the French market should remain unaffected. Good luck! ;)

  • The French rarely buy, and the Brits want an old house to renovate - still, we bought it! Just got to find another couple of weirdos like us...Hope it's all going well for you xxx

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