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W3 R1

One down, two more to go. I was really worried this morning. I'm feeling the competition a bit and didn't want to not achieve when some of those I have been chatting to have just managed the first run of week three too. I wasn't too confident, and even when walking over to my running place I could feel that niggling pain in my hip. Despite that I didn't feel it in my first runs, and it didn't hit me again until walking. Laura's motivation is brilliant. On the first three minutes to be told, one minute left was brilliant. On the second run, I think my brain had switched off, thinking about other things and when Laura's voice broke through telling me it was two minutes gone, I was really surprised. It was hard, but it felt shorter than week 2 run 3 that felt interminable. My pain came back on the walk back home, and is gone now. I really need the rest days. Usually I hobble everywhere as I sieze up ( even with stretches). I think its down to having had a bad posture and its all now pulling back into shape. Feel very please now, and no pain at the minute.

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Well Done Nali

And continue those strengthening exercises (assuming you have started them :) )

They helped me, though I need to get back into doing them...



Congratulations. Stop worrying about what others are doing. We are all different and our routes through C25k are personal and are no better than anyone else if you manage to get through with no repetition, nor are you a lesser mortal if you do have to repeat. We all start at W1R1 with the same run but not with the same history or physical attributes and fitness, so comparison with others should not apply pressure, although it may cause you to apply a bit more effort.

Your pain while walking sounds to me like something you need to pay attention to if it persists, it could indicate a physical issue that needs addressing before it is exacerbated by further running.


You are right of course. Thats good advice, and I'll get my hip checked out. I had hoped by getting fit that it would disappear. Thanks for the voice of reason.


Hey africanali,

Well done on completing the first run of week 3! It's quite daunting isn't it when Laura says that you'll be running for 3 minutes!!?

Anyway, the main thing is that we got off the couch and not only attempted to complete the run, we actually did it! So I reckon we both deserve a good pat on the back. Keep on running! :)


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