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Standing next to the IC with one foot up on it!

So I've been out for something approaching two weeks now following week 5 run 3 after my ankles ballooned and got very painful from (I think) tendonitis, because of wearing the wrong type of shoes. I tried to go again last week but it was too early and I lasted 90 seconds into the 5 minutes run at the beginning of Week 6 run 1 before the ankles screamed and I limped back home and tried to be patient.

Today I woke up without pain for the first time, plus the shoe issue is sorted, so decided I would go to the gym and walk on the treadmill (where I usually run anyway) to see how I went. I took Laura with me just in case and after 5 minutes brisk walk and no pain, I did the first 5 minute run of Week 6 run 1 with no problems. Great, I think - spoke too soon as my right ankle started hurting after a couple of minutes of the 8 minute run. I slowed to a walk after 4 minutes, and the pain eased almost immediately, so I cooled down properly and stretched. Ankle is now swollen so have iced and kept wiggling it, but I don't think I have damaged it further as it is no worse than after my first teaching day on Monday, when I was standing a lot and had to dash between buildings. I guess I will know tomorrow morning for sure when I get up.

So the negatives - I'm not ready to jump back in as though nothing has happened

I will have to be patient a little longer, and I am really bad at that

But the positives - I still ran for 9 minutes and was pretty much OK apart from the ankle.

I haven't lost my motivation despite teaching starting this week.

The new shoes are great - left foot felt fine and I can feel that I am getting support in the right places and not the wrong ones. I'm sure I would have lasted less time than I did without them.

I'm not virtually immobile like last week after I tried!

I now need to decide whether I do nothing at all for a few more days, then try again or whether I start again slowly on Friday and run intervals gently and ignore Laura for now....I think I need to sleep on it - literally!!

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Is it the tendon at the back of the ankle? If so be wary of running on it until it's completely better. Rest, Ice, Compression, Elevation, and calf raises....It happened to me in the Spring, I didn't run at all for 6 weeks, then started the programme again and built back up. Don't push it, let it heal...

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Thanks, CurlyGurly2. I know it sounds odd, but I can't quite work it out! My calf has felt a bit stiff, but the swelling is much more at the side, over the ankle joint itself. Some pain at the front on and off. The good news is that the swelling has gone down overnight and it didn't hurt to put weight on it when I got out of bed this morning. I'm icing it again now before work. At least it gives me the excuse to have another cup of tea! I promise I won't push it though. My GP has physio appointments so I might see if I can get one next week if it doesn't seem to improve any further on its own.

I've got a dance lesson tonight so will need to be careful there too - ballroom and Latin so can hold onto husband! I might have cancelled, but we have missed lots of lessons through holiday and husband's job so I thought he can at least dance with the instructor if it's impossible for me.... I think I will probably wait till Sunday and then maybe try a week 3 run or something like that. If that is still bad, then I'm off to the docs....

Good to hear you got through it and came out the other side.


Don't run if there is any pain at all - I did that and eventually ended up needing a physio! Wait until you ankle doesn't hurt then go back a week (you hurt it on week 5, so start again on week 4, or even week 3).

In the meantime try some gentle stretching and strengthen exercises to help your ankle recover. It will take a little longer, but it will be worth it in the end.

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Thank you. Yes, I am going to be careful. I think the stretching last night did help as I am reasonably OK this morning. Was just saying to Curlygurly2 that I might try week 3 again on Sunday, and go to the docs if still struggling. I might try Aqua classes again too so I exercise without putting lots of strain on the joint.

The irony is that I started running in part because I had tendonitis in my elbow and couldn't play golf! I had loads of physio on that, but in the end had a cortisone injection. It's not perfect (it hurts to knit!!) but it is loads better.


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