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Fitting in gym classes?

I've just signed up for a gym as I know that if I try to make myself run in the rain it just won't happen! I thought I should try some of the classes to make the subscription worth it, and went to a cycle class this morning which I really liked. Question is, how do I fit in doing it weekly? Just do two of the weekly runs, or do all three and accept that it'll take me longer?

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I think depends on how you feel as long as you have enough rest days between sessions. I found it easier to concentrate on one aspect,C25K, rather than trying to cover too many bases. Good luck


Cycling can be done on your rest days as can swimming, rowing, weights, Pilates, yoga, etc so you should still be able to do your three runs each week plus enjoy the full range of benefits offered at the gym! In fact cross training is recommended for runners because it builds strength and suppleness without high impact and cycling is especially good so keep at it!


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