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Hi, I stumbled across this community whilst looking for tips to start running. The couch to 5k plan is amazing and so many success stories about people completing it has really inspired me.

Turning 50 earlier this year and youngest son off to uni I decided I really had to make some changes and get fit. It took me a long time to get out of the door for my first run (even though I waited until it was dark). But I did it and have since completed the last two runs in the daytime along a quiet cycle path. I can't imagine being able to run for 30 minutes as it's a struggle doing 60 seconds...BUT I am determined to work through the plan and give it my best shot!

The only thing is my right ankle really hurts after running, so I don't know if I'm running in the right way...


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  • Have you had your gait tested? The right trainers really help.

  • No I haven't had a gait test but maybe it's something I should do. I bought my first pair of trainers last weekand and they are so comfortable

  • Such a start, is common !!

    Seems one of the hardest things of the program,


    The Ankle: might be serious; might be an "excuse"; or might be BOTH !!

    Treat the Ankle as if an actual injury (( ice, stretch, brace/support)),

    BUT DO NOT let it STOP you !!

    When Running (NOT IF),

    -check occasionally to see if your feet are straight

    (NOT Sideways and ARE pointing Forward);

    -Support/Protect your ankle;

    -AND RUN !!

  • thank you! I plan on running again tomorrow early morning I think... voltarol gel on the ankle too

  • a Yoda Moment: DO !! NO TRY !!

    What time ARE you going to start running ??

    What time ARE you getting up ??

    What WILL you be wearing ??

    Where ARE you going Running ??

    What WILL you be eating ??

  • I'm going to go asap and running along a cycle path with a lovely view of the coastline. I've just downloaded the podcast so looking forward to listening to that too instead of my stopwatch.

  • Congratulations.

    What shoes are you using? Are they approriate for your gait and the surface you are running on? It may just be a passing niggle. Your body will protest in all sorts of ways in the early weeks, but if it persists and especially if it becomes more painful get it checked by a physio or GP.

    The treatment for most leg pains is based on RICE, that being Rest, Ice, Compression and Elevation. In other words, put your feet up, with a towel over the offending part and lay a bag of frozen peas on the area for a few minutes. Doing your own research into RICE will also be useful. Learning to run is all about coping with aches pains and injuries and also keeping them at bay.

  • Yep! thanks for the advice. I haven't done any exercise for years so I wouldn't be surprised that I'm getting niggles and pains but I'll keep an eye on it. This community is so supportive!

  • Hi debze!

    Well done on actually getting started. I reckon that's the hardest part, and you've already done that. :)

    I also turned 50 this year and decided to take the c25k challenge up as a way of trying to get fit. I have not done any running since I was in school and in fact that was probably the last time I done any sort of proper exercise!

    I completed week 1 a few days ago and today I done my 1st run of week 2 and so far everything is working out exactly as they said it would and I am *so* looking forward to being in that position of being able to go out and run for 30 minutes non stop. I don't really care what distance I will cover, I will just be really happy to be able to get out there and get that exercise for 30 minutes without keeling over after a few minutes! :)

    I am now following you so I look forward to your progress on the programme.

  • Well done and keep going. I had never run in my life and completed the programme and I'm 66. Just trust Laura, the music is irritating but you get used to it!

  • Thank you and well done to you too! I am just a bit behind you but I'm really looking forward to being able to say I can run for 30 minutes! I love being outdoors so running and getting fit sounds like a great plan. Planning on doing week 2 run 1 tomorrow. Look forward to following your progress too.

  • Excellent stuff debze, that's the spirit! :)

  • Congratulations ๐Ÿ˜Š It takes far more effort just to get started than it does to continue, so you've done the hardest bit๐Ÿ˜„

  • Cheers! I still struggle with stepping out of the door in case I'm seen but hopefully that will get easier :)

  • Well done on getting started, it really is the hardest part. I've just completed week three and can now run for 3 minutes!!! which I would have thought impossible after my first run when I looked like an angry tomato! I've had niggly aches and pains and putting them down to a new regime and using muscles I'd forgotten I have but be carefully! Enjoy! ๐Ÿ˜€๐Ÿ˜€

  • Thank you.. i will be amazed when I can run for 3 minutes..well done you!

  • You'll be amazed with yourself, I am!!! With myself that is! ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚

  • Hi debze , I had annoying problems with my ankles when I started - it felt like the ligaments on the inside around the ankle bone just weren't up to the job and were protesting. I got some more supportive, cushioned shoes which helped and carried on; I stretched and strengthened them after a run by drawing air circles with my toes and took some ibuprofen if necessary. I also got a pair of those elasticated support ankle sleeves which were brilliant: I would put them on after stretching for an hour or so and they really helped - in fact I still use them as a preventative measure. I rarely get more than a slight twinge in the right ankle now, and that's after running for 45 mins. I must stress though, the aches in my ankles, bad as it sometimes was, always felt like my body adjusting, not like I'd actually injured myself, if you know what I mean - if yours feels like sharp, proper pain and doesn't respond to some TLC/RICE I'd get a professional opinion. Best of luck!

  • Thank you! Yep, it doesn't feel like a sharp stabbing pain more like an ache and it clicks a lot now which its never done before but there again I haven't done any real exercise for years. I'll try your tips and see how it goes. Off out to do run 1 of week 2 today.

  • Well done for starting and yes 30 minutes does seem impossible at the start but the programme does really work - just take one run at a time. As everyone else is saying check shoes and gait - I started in old trainers and had a week off due to that so I recommend checking that out....looking forward to hearing more about your journey ๐Ÿ˜€

  • Go careful on your ankle and RICE if needed. Don't run on it if it is painful. Also, maybe slow up a bit? All that said, I just wanted to wish you luck! I did this programme at 50 and now at 51, am training for my first 10 mile event. C25K is a fantastic programme and this forum is the perfect place to share your journey with others and a great place to get tips. Good luck๐Ÿ™‚.

  • wow! thats fantastic! Really looking forward to getting through it and the support from members here is amazing! :)

  • Welcome aboard debze !

    This forum is full of lovely, friendly, supportive folks, we all help and encourage each other.

    Well done on making that decision to start, you certainly wont regret it !

    Please keep posting so we can support you along your way.

    Good Luck ! :-) xxx

  • Thank you! I love this forum!

  • You did well stepping out the front door. I started this in August and really couldn't run before this programme. The first week of 1 minute runs was really hard and didn't know how I would ever progress. Well tomorrow I am doing W7 R2 !!! It really is possible even though at the start you can't imagine it! Hope your ankle allows you to continue the programme

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