Wk9 run2 - done!

Can't believe I am one run away from graduation. At 61 I have never been sporty and certainly never stuck to anything like I have with this. It's brilliant, I love the sense of achievement (not to mention the stone in weight I have lost somewhere along the roadway) and looking forward to Saturday - my first parkrun and (hopefully) my graduation run.

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  • Well done - on the running and the weight loss! Enjoy the park run and graduation! I am one run behind you - so will be cheering you on! I am trying to find a relatively flat Park run to do! We 61 year olds are doing great!

  • Thank you - it's a bit daunting doing a new unknown route and lots of other runners around but now I know I can run for 30 minutes I am just going to take my time and enjoy my graduation run. Let me know how yours goes too - 61 rocks!!

  • Absolutely! I am finding being 61 much more fun than 60!

  • Youre so close now ! Well and truly on the home strait :-)

    Good Luck ! and you too TessHardy :-) xxx

  • Will be waiting for you on the finish line Dwynne. 😄

  • Wow, impressive stuff! One more to go :)

  • Well done Dwynne! I am sure parkrun will be a great graduation run!

  • Well done - let us know how you get on - we'll all be cheering you on and celebrating with you 😀

  • 2 days have past since this post !!

    Can we Break out the Bubbly !!

    WANT to hear about this park-run (even at 11:30pm !!)

    >>Sat 6:30pm in Western Time

    >>Sun 01:30am in Atlantic time

    >>Sun 10:30am in Europe

  • Hey I did it!! Posted yesterday - it was a great day!! 😁👍

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