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It can be done! Run 7 week 3

Well after 3 weeks on the IC, due to health issue rather than an injury, I forced myself back to the gym to attempt week 7 run 3. I had in my mind it would be a 'practice' run due to the long break and after 5 minutes I thought this can't be done! I pressed on determined to get to 10 minutes and somehow it got easier to the point that utter determination set in and I began counting down the minutes. Go on it's only another 15, 10, etc. I even managed to up my speed for the last minute. I must stress however that I am sure a snail could run faster but I only went and did it! Over the moon. Here comes week 8.

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Fantanstic Charliedodd , welcome back to your running! Slow and steady is the way to go and will get you through the programme, graduation is just around the corner 😀🏃🏻👍🏼


Excellent, well done. Just goes to show our muscles do have memory like they say.


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