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Week 7 Run 3 Done

90ldfinch profile image

Early bird catches the worm - 05:20 am run.

Up at 05:00 am, spent 10 minutes deliberating whether to be lazy or not.

In your face, gremlins! :)

Beautiful, misty, silent morning.

Ran north into the Staffordshire countryside- just me, cows, and pylons.

My calves (my legs, not the cows) felt tight but no big deal- fine after the post-run stretch.

Aside from that, really enjoyable.

I can't quite get my head around the fact that I'm now able to run to local places that seemed like a bit of an effort as a walk, about six weeks ago.

Slow and steady, a little bit of juice left in the tank, so I snuck in a few minutes more, just to say hello to week 8- comin' to get ya!

(I think that's a side-effect of watching Park Runners doing their sprint finishes)

Have a great day :)

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B0bP profile image

Good on you. I bet you are now feeling great and set up for the rest of the day and it's only just gone 7.

I find I prefer early morning runs and I seem to have more energy and a better run.

It's a pity I have to be at work so early as 3 out of my 4 runs a week are in the early afternoon.

poppypug profile image

Morning Finchy !

Up with the sparrers - Love it !

That's another week chalked off , Well done !

Good Luck for Week 8 and enjoy the rest of your weekend :-) xxx

Indizulu profile image

Wow - super impressed Finchy you are flying through this!! Week 8 watch out! Nice one 👍🏽👍🏽👍🏽👍🏽

Slinkyminky profile image

Wow; 5.20am??!!! Crikey you are keen!!

Way to go 90ldfinch; you really are smashing these runs x

Very well done! I thought I was out early today, but obviously not! You are doing great.

heavyhorse profile image

super well done, love early mornings and cows are a good audience, they don't judge!

It's like they wrote the programme with you in mind! Well done. Especially at that time. I do remember early morning is a magical time, but my body fights me then and it would be disastrous. 😉

Sandraj39 profile image

Wow! Super-early riser! I haven't been out that early for years - but it is definately the best part of the day. Well done, sounds like you are more than ready for week 8☺.

Ullyrunner profile image

Sounds like a perfect morning run. We are so lucky!

JaySeeSkinny profile image

Up that early at the weekend - I admire your dedication! I will do it during the week, but no way at the weekend. It's a beautiful time of day though. And the distances we're starting to cover are pretty amazing, aren't they? I went out yesterday for a "short run across the common" as I told my husband. I came back still thinking of it as a shortish run because it's my bog-standard morning route (with one mini-extension). 6k!

Slow_Rob profile image

Well done 90ldfinch ☺ that is a real early start bet it was wonderful though 😊

90ldfinch profile image
90ldfinchGraduate in reply to Slow_Rob

I might not be this keen in the middle of winter :)

Slow_Rob profile image
Slow_RobGraduate in reply to 90ldfinch

Haha i bet

Monkey25 profile image

Well done 90ldfinch, there's no stopping you. Good luck with WK 8.☺

90ldfinch profile image
90ldfinchGraduate in reply to Monkey25

Thanks, Monkey25 👍

Shireenjoon profile image

Amazing! Well done, I too love the early morning runs, never that early though. Can you believe you only have 2 more weeks to go?

90ldfinch profile image
90ldfinchGraduate in reply to Shireenjoon

Thanks Shireenjoon :)

It's pretty weird that there's only 2 more weeks- the time's absolutely flown by, but on the other hand, I feel like I've changed so much, and am living such a better, disciplined, positive lifestyle.

I see you're also on wk 7, so I guess you must feel the same :)

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