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Couch to 5K
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Recovering Athlete

Yes, I am new here.

I have lots of experience with coaching of people, even to Olympic Levels.

I never considered myself as an "athlete",

until I compared ALL the things that I used to do

to what I can NOW do !!

I see myself

becoming more and more of a "Couch Potato"


becoming more and more of an "Armchair Coach" !!

Maybe a running club, can help to REVERSE this !!

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Welcome. I am sure you will be a great addition to the pool of knowledge on this forum and you will be only too aware that whatever one's past glories, the inability to run is a great leveller. The C25k programme is a winner though and is a great way to make progress to more continuous running. I am sure your insights, to as you move through the plan, will be interest to us all.

Good luck.


You have a fantastic level of basic fitness and can walk faster than many of us can, or ever will, run. The c25k programme is a great way to start running - we look forward to your reports!

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Attention to ALL "Graduates" !!!

Becoming "Racers" !!!

Have seen the programs, and there is ONLY ONE set of changes to make for "Racers" !!

Change "Run" to "Sprint" and "Walk" to "Run" !!

IF you have Graduated the program as is,

Follow it AGAIN with the Changes !!

((c25k-RACE ?? A Second 10 weeks to "Racers" ??))


>> A year ago, could you even dream of being a "Racer" ?? <<




Have updated profile to better describe my "downward" trend to becoming a "Couch Potato"/"Armchair Coach".

Desire of this club, is to STOP IT (and maybe REVERSE it) !!!


Hi Dirk

Welcome aboard, why don't you download the podcasts and give it a go ?

nhs.uk/Livewell/c25k/Pages/... :-) xxx

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Have see the full program and downloaded the podcasts.

Now, the biggest question is:

"getting started on this program ?" (sounds familiar)

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