W7 R2 🎷 but mentally struggling a bit

Got R2 done yesterday despite being in new surroundings in the Peak District but it was lovely and managed to find some straight road with no hills! I'm aware that where I usually run at home it's very flat around a village and some people on here talk of including hills 😨 so not sure if I should be pushing myself more but find it challenging enough as it is! Anyway, I've found the step up this week psychologically quite hard though I've pushed on. Get that voice telling me to just stop, it's too had, you don't enjoy it etc even though once I've done my run I feel great.It has been a tough week in other ways for me so wondering if it's just that too..any tips?


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5 Replies

  • Well done for completing it especially in a different area. Those evil gremlins got me on W7 too and I was running different routes at the time too. I think it was my head not my body that was playing games. Once I had completed R3 of W7, I was away again and feeling great....

    Don't let those voices win, you have come so far and only one more run and then you are onto W8, keep it steady, keep remembering that fabulous feeling when you complete each run and as everyone else on here wisely says - some days and some runs are just not great so we move onto the next one - McFitty 's tip of doing tasks in her head is a good one too. Good Luck on the next one - we are all in this together :-)

  • Well done! It's the first week with no walk breaks so is mentally quite hard. But it's really all about consolidation now and the runs will feel easier as you get stronger and more acclimatised.

    Personally, I wouldn't seek out hills at this stage - why make life harder? You can tackle them later!

  • It's a small world! I had exactly the same experience with Wk 7 last week - also in new surroundings not quite in the Peak District but very close! Though I can't say I ran up many hills. I felt that all was not right and the gremlins really got to me. I think we probably just need to hold faith with the programme, remember our progress and use whatever mental skills we can to block out the gremlins. I plan to do wk 8 run 1 this afternoon - back on familiar surroundings. Onwards and upwards to us all!

  • No, your fine doing c25k as you are, no need to push yourself yet. Don't make it any harder for yourself, through to graduation, then you can start thinking about including a hill, which will eventually benefit your stamina fitness and help you to start gaining pace on the flat. Your doing great! Just keep pushing the gremlin's aside. There's no gain without a bit of mental pain, which does subside as you get fitter..😊

  • Not many flat stretches in the Peaks so well done 😊 Just keep plugging steady away, slow but sure. Stay focused and you'll be fine ☺

    I don't gremlins at all. They aren't real so just don't go there 😊

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