A new chapter

A new chapter

Dear All,

Your support during the last couple of months, since I was made redundant, has been overwhelming and that's why I want to share with you lovely lot the celebration for a new chapter in my life.

Today I've been offered a job in Apulia, south of Italy, and after six years in the UK I'm going to move back to my native country and close to my family within the next couple of months. :)

I'll have to learn running in a much sunnier and warmer place than I'm used to... but I can live with that. ;)

So, if you ever fancy running in a place like the one in the picture (that one is about 30 miles from my soon-to-be new home), you'll be my most welcome guests.

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  • Saverio, I'm so happy for you! What wonderful news. New job near your family - and in beautiful Italy! Hang on, have to go pack a suitcase full of running gear. See you there!

  • I'll be waiting at Brindisi airport ;)

  • I was stranded there once. Not a very interesting airport/city. But I am sure that Puglia in general is very, very nice. That place in your picture is stunning.

    Do Italians run? Or is it considered a crazy thing to do?

  • I think it is the same all over the world: some people run, all people think it is a crazy thing to do... :D

    P.S. Yes, the airport is very small and uninteresting but it is the closest one to the "Salento" area.

  • Dear Secan - that is such great news! New job and beautiful new surroundings. We'll miss you in the UK - but you must admit the weather is going to be a lot better!

  • Better winter without any doubt... but I grew fond of the cooler British summer; I'm going to miss it (the whole two days of it πŸ˜‚ )

  • This is such great news Saverio, I am so so happy for you !

    I wish you all the very best on this new chapter of your life and what better place to start it in your beloved Italy :-)

    Good Luck and please keep in touch with us wont you ? :-) xxx

  • I could never stay away from my running buddies for too long!

  • Congratulations. That is wonderful news. What a beautiful photograph. Soooo delighted for you. Happy running in sunny Italy😎

  • That is so beautiful. Not just the picture, but that everything is just falling into place for you. Hope your move goes without a hitch, that you love your new job and that your running goes from strength to strength! :)

  • Brilliant news for you! Please stay in touch on here and let us know how you are doing and how your running is going!! Good Luck :-)

  • Great news Saverio. Our society will be the poorer without you, but I hope you will keep touch with us all on this forum. I am sad that a potential future in this country is so uncertain, but here's wishing you all the best of luck.

    Continuare a correre , continuare a sorridere . Ciao!!!

  • So very pleased for you after the slough of despond that you were in a few short weeks ago. And very envious of the sunshine you are going to enjoy once more. Don't forget to run though. And don't forget us! Maybe you can suggest some nice Itslian races for us to enter next year!

  • As soon as I settle, I intend to get in touch with the runners here and organise a brand new local parkrun...

    In Milan instead, there are already a couple of nice runs: "Stramilano" (http://www.stramilano.it/?lang=en) - bringing you around the most famous cityscapes - and "Green Race" - in a nice park.

  • That's great news, and what a lovely looking place to be moving to πŸ˜€

  • In bocca al lupo.

  • I'm so pleased to read that secan. Things really worked out for you 😊

    That picture looks so beautiful I might just have to check it out!

    Happy running to you πŸ€—

  • Glad it's all coming together for you secan ,it looks pretty there.

    Congratulations on your new jobπŸ˜†

  • Such good news- every cloud eh? I went to Ostuni recently and that whole area is so beautiful.

  • Ha ha! Every cloud and all that! You see, sometimes these things are meant to happen for the best. Fate will take you back home to something better hopefully. The picture looks to be a promising for a start. Just think, if you live by the sea you can have a dip when you want. Running on the sea front. Just fab! I hope it all works out brilliantly for you. Keep on running!

  • That's great news Secan,hope everything goes well for you.

  • Such good news Secan. A job, family and a simply beautiful place. I wish you success and joy in this exciting new chapter of your life.

    Floss x

  • So glad to hear this, congratulations on the new job!

  • That's fantastic news and the photo is beautiful. Wishing you all the very best for this new chapter in life and Happy Running - what a place to run πŸ˜€πŸ˜€

  • Thank you for sharing your very happy news with us. I hope you'll stay in touch and keep running.

  • Congratulations. It all sounds good. πŸ‘

  • There's an old saying that as one door closes another door opens. It's wonderful that your opening door is taking you to a job in such a beautiful place, close to your family. Enjoy your new life and new opportunities, Saverio - I guess you'll be embracing running before 6am to beat the heat. β˜€οΈβ˜€οΈ

  • No way; I'm too lazy... I'll learn to cope with the heat instead. 😁

  • Congratulations, how wonderful. We shall look forward to hearing about your runs when we are shivering and soggy during the winter.

    Thank you for sharing πŸ’πŸ’πŸ’

  • Congratulations on the new job, and I cannot think of a more beautiful place to live... You will just need to run early mornings and you will be fine. All the best for when you start 😎

  • Brilliant news and I'm glad everything has worked out. All the best with the new job.

  • That's such good news .

    And running in he south of Italy sounds delightful

  • I'm so pleased that your life is working to self out, you sounded very lost at the beginning but are now sounding very Positive. The good news is we are virtual here so you don't have to leave us, I can't wait to hear all about your running exploits in your new home. Good luck.

  • Congratulations and best of luck in all your future endeavours.

  • Congratulations, secan. I am really pleased for you! The U.K. Will be a poorer place without you and I know you wanted to stay, but being closer to your family will be great, the place looks gorgeous and you'll adapt really quickly to the heat - it's in your blood! Look forward to hearing of your running adventures in Italy - you'll have to post them on here to keep your English up!

  • Ah, what lovely news after the bad times you've had. Looks like a beautiful place, and how lovely to be close to your family.

    Oh, and congrats on the job!

    πŸ˜€ πŸƒ xx

  • That's truly great news to wake up to this morning. Very well done, sounds like a great move for you and I'm jealous of that photo! One day, eh, x

  • Congratulations - great news!

  • Wonderful news Secan. I'm so pleased for you. Look forward to hearing of the new routes you discover (and feeling envious of your reports as winter arrives hereπŸŒ¨β˜ƒπŸŒ¬πŸ’¨β„οΈβ›ˆπŸŒ«πŸŒ«πŸŒ«) πŸ˜€

  • This is wonderful news Saverio, congratulations, I am so happy for you! Sometimes things happen for a reason. I'm sure you'll get used to running in the Italian sunshine :-D

    I will raise a glass or two of Salice Salentino to your success.

  • Great news. Congratulations

  • Looks stunning. Many congratulations and best wishes. Have always hankered after learning Italian. Just the most beautiful sounding language in the world.

  • Best wishes for this new chapter in your life ☺

  • Ahh ...Good luck with your new job and hope you will be very happy living close to your family again. It looks beautiful.

    Enjoy your running, please keep in touch to let us know how it all goes.😊x

    Ciao Saverio.

  • What wonderful news! Congratulations on the new job and good luck! Your new home looks beautiful and I hope you will be very happy.

  • Fabulous area, loved it there but in your shoes I'd be freaking out more about the driving than running in the heat. Hope you find time to stay with us. Wish you the best of luck with your new start :) Really, really HAPPY for you :)

  • I learnt to drive in Italy... I'm used to it. ;)

    Of course I will be around; this community is the best thing I gained from my 6-year British experience!

  • Only just found this post! Wishing you all the best for the future. Looks a beautiful place! :)

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