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So, it's been a few months since I last ran. I am a newbie who decided to try and join their energetic 10 year old in running. I only managed Week 1 and then I came down with a knee and ankle problem (misalignment) that has kept me on the injury couch. After a few expensive trips to the physio, purchasing a foam roller and doing knee exercises I feel ready to get back to trying this programme again.

I want to start in just over a week's time as that will coincide with the start of the new school year and I can focus on myself again.

My question is: what warm up exercises should I do before a run and how long should they last for?

I really do not want to get myself back into the position I found myself in last time where I could barely walk as this really did have a detrimental effect on my day to day life. I want to start with best practice this time so what should I do?

This is a great forum for advice and confidence boosts so I hope you can help.


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  • It seems from most experts that you should stretch after a run not before. If you do want to do stretches before, then dynamic ones such as lunges or squats. Definitely no static stretches. C25K thinking seems to be that the Walm up 5 mins walk is all the prep you need. Hope that helps and good luck!

  • Thank you, I did wonder whether I should be doing more but obviously not at this level.

  • Thanks - thats a great link - not for me yet but for my hubby!!

  • Yes, all you need for c25k is the 5min brisk walk, always warm up and get the muscles firing. Some people can take longer to warmup, so if felt nessacary walk a tad longer..

  • Brilliant, thanks for that. It's useful to know for when I hopefully manage to complete the C25K programme. I am determined to give the programme a try again and want to do it without any more injuries hence the question. Thanks!

  • I hate to see people on the IC and have their training ruined. I think your armed with enough info to go safely now.. take it easy, good luck!

  • Thank you

  • 😊

  • Greta to have you back - I'll leave the experts to advise but Good Luck!! πŸ˜€

  • I agree with davelinks about warm up time. After recent problems I now walk for 8-10 minutes before starting my run. I actually quite like a longer cool down before I stretch too. Only start running when your muscles feel properly warmed up. Good luck .

  • Thank you, handy to know about tweaking the times until you personally feel warmed up.

  • Possum, I like to walk longer usually as well, and avoid sitting too long, keeps stiffness away..😊

  • I've had that problem ever since I broke my leg about 8 years ago and was very inactive for 8 weeks in plaster. Being in the office can be hell some days. The joys of getting older πŸ˜€

  • Before our races we are usually led in a warm-up involving circling our arms, hips, ankles, knee circles and doing some marching on the spot with high knees. I think this really helps and probably should do these on my own.

  • I also like to do a longer warm up walk about 10 minutes and longer to warm down too. Always make time for your stretches at the end too. Good luck x

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