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All going well then the IC called

Been running 3 times a week. Not always 30 minutes in the week day mornings but at least 35 minutes on a weekend.

That was until last week when I felt a twinge in the left achilles, long walk on a slippery surface for a couple of miles when bus stuck in traffic jam near to home. Been trying to rest it all this week so no running, therefore on the IC. I walk about 2-3 miles a day to and from work via public transport so its not being truly rested.

Getting really worried that I am going downhill fast. So Saturday going to go back to 5 minute runs with the walk between them until I feel its all going well. Do not want to do any more damage.

Getting some serious running withdrawl at the moment :( . Praying to the get well soon gods.

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You're in good company... get well soon!


If it were me, I wouldn't even attempt to run on it until you are pain free and it is well settled. Achilles problems can be very tricky. Your fitness will not drastically reduce and it is preferable to a long stay on the injury couch. Hope it settles soon for you though.🙂

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