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Oh bugger !

Wk9R3 3rd attempts.

Treadmill ditched. Off I trot in the great outdoors after late night picking daughter up from airport, lovely blue skies. Skip and I are enjoying it. 12 minutes in and right shoe lace comes undone, stop and fasten. A few minutes later and they're both undone. Then would you believe it....I'm in the countryside but on a tarmaced path and just coming over the bridge in front of mecis a Roadsweepers....this is 7am. I'm forced to stop and put Skip on his lead and wait. A few minutes later I have a stitch and can't recover fully.

In all my other 21 outdoor runs my laces have never come undone and I have certainly never encountered a bloomin' Roadsweepers.

Epic fail.....will go again in a few days.

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Epic practice ;) never use the 'f' word :) You were out. You ran.

Sods law about the road sweepers and the laces!


Like it...practice ;)


Don't use the word 'fail.' Just do it again and it was still an experience and you were running! :) :)


Yes your right, I was just looking at my other runs and in wk6r3 it took 25mins to cover the ground I did in 20 mins today...there's a success :)

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Well done!


Don't give up on a run. Just wait a few minutes to recover your breathing, sort out your stitch, or whatever, and then just run on. Many a run can be saved just by taking a few minutes rest. You got the chance of a rest there when the sweeper happened along. I often get a breather when I get to a pedestrian crossing and there's loads of traffic. See it as a positive. LOL

Have fun!


No run is a fail just think about all you have acheived, stay positive and you will do this :-)


Just a practice run! Someone saw that you clearly needed practice tying your shoe laces :-D Better luck next time :-)


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