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My best yet !!! But cramps a bugger

So today was my fourth day trying to do the first week (done three attempts so far but didn't do the full 30 mins in total so I didn't want to count it) I took on the advice I got previously and downloaded the NHS C25K podcasts with laura and took it slow on the runs this was brilliant advice I done the full 30 mins (where before I done 18mins ish) I had to stop twice however one because of lower back ache when running which I thought was odd I don't know if it was because of the way I was running as my back was arched and my hips where moving oddly (I must have looked like a fricken flamingo out there) because I've never ran slowly before so I didn't know what to do with my posture. I don't know? Anyway I continued when that went away to then get hit 10 minutes later with cramp in my calf and round my ankle/ top of my foot so I couldn't move my leg so had to stop until it went away ... I paused laura each time I stopped and played it when I continued. This is the furthest I went and I done the full 30 mins too fair to say this is a good one so far? 

Does this technically count as the first day is complete or does it have to be where I don't stop? 

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That counts in my book. Slow is always better. Make sure you are drinking plenty of water - inadequate hydration is  a major cause of cramps - not the only one, by any means, but one of the easiset remedied. Drinking enough water the day before you run, not just immediately before or during, is the key.

Do the rest of W1 at your new pace and then tick it off and move on to W2. As you get used to it, your posture etc will sort itself out.

Great work!

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Cool well thanks man I never heard of drinking enough the day before but if it works I'll give it a go .... I'm glad it counts as that day is done as its took me 4 days of trying to get this far and the pace works really well for me I think :-) 


It takes a few goes to get some kind of feel for what you are doing. I was flailing around like a landed fish the first couple of weeks. But then its just a matter of pressing play and plodding on and the programme just takes care of itself...

(okay, there is a bit of gasping, aching, snotting, more aching and gasping and so on, but you get used to that ;) )


The whole thing in the bracket is essentially me for the past few days its like it goes in that order too ha ha :-P but I'm glad to know it gets better .... Eventually 


I think I'd opt for another go till you are not stopping - it's a fine line this one, and a momentary stop to rub a calf, tie a shoelace or shake out a stone (or pick up dog poo in my case) is probably fine, and certainly if it happened during a walk section, but really, more than half C25K is training your mind to adopt an attitude of keeping going.

I am a bit puzzled about the time through the app/podcast rather than knowing how many of the runs you have done. When you've done the 8 runs in an outing, and done 3 of those outings, then you are ready for Week 2.


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