the weather (again)

I have just done w6r1 in the pretty heavy if not quite pouring rain. Much to my surprise I was really looking forward to going and the rain didn't factor into it at all. I think of myself as solar powered and my default desire will always be sun, sun and more sun but an unexpected bonus of this program is that I am making peace with the grey and rainy days.


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  • I love the sun too but I wouldn't mind a quick shower to pass through when I get hot!

  • You're welcome to some of ours!

  • We do learn to embrace it all! I think it is a bonus :)

    Very well done.. not everyone has got the determination to go out when it is raining.. if you are out and it rains, that's different.. my husband used to say to me.. " Oh it's only a drop of rain.. get out there.. "

    He usually y made the comment from a warm bed, with a cup of tea in hand!!! :)

    Onward and upward :)

  • I have a husband like that too!

  • Thanks ๐Ÿ˜Ž (they need a smiley face with an umbrella)

  • You have to love them, don't you :)

    ... another favourite phrase of his, and it is mine now..." Once you're wet... you're wet!"

  • I'm holding off until later, it's terrible weather here

  • It is here too, although it has got worse since I got home.

  • Great. Unfortunately this is a necessary part of being an outdoor runner in this country! There are about 4 days a year when the temperature is absolutely perfect, then the rest of the time we can complain about how cold, hot, windy, wet it is!

  • It's got to be done (the running and the complaining). I don't have a treadmill and I neither like nor can afford a gym at the mo so it has to be done outside too!

  • I like being outside. I just want to be running reasonably before the nights close in again and I have no choice but to take on the roads instead of hiding in the fields and behind trees! I just wish my GP had told me about all the useful stuff on the NHS website, including C25K, instead of telling me to join Slimming World and a gym which would have been a waste of money I don't have anyway.

  • Absolutely. Given that it's an NHS initiative you think they would at least include it in a list of options!

  • or umbrellas

  • Totally agree, c25k is a real life changer and free!

  • Good for you - you're really flying through the weeks now - graduation is in sight!! Admire your getting out there in the rain - keeping everything crossed that it's dry tomorrow as its my grad run!!

  • Definitely fingers crossed for that one to be dry! But regardless you'll fly through it! Have fun.

  • I guess I need to embrace the rain too otherwise I will never be out this winter. Must get some new grippy shoes first. Seem to find endless things to think of buying on my rest days but have reined myself in and just bought running tights and phone holder arm band so far. But new shoes are calling to me. . .

  • The siren call of the new shoes... I had to buy some because I started running in high top walking trainers! Also I run outside because I can't afford a gym, when I started I decided I would take on anything the environment threw at me (weather, inclines...) and I'm much more comfortable with bad weather now; my hope was that I'd be so hooked by winter I'd carry on regardless, we'll see! I bought a cheap waterproof running jacket from aldi, which helps because it's very lightweight.

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