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Break from running..... Now legs hurt"?

Anyone have this happen to them? I haven't run in a few weeks. I was on my feet all last week on family trip to Disney World... and now I'm back at work and for the most part I've been very sedentary. I'm finding my legs aching more now than they did when I ran.

Could it be lack of exercise? I also suffer from anxiety so I'm freaking out a bit here...

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No idea sounds like you better get those running shoes on again!


yes, just run and see if I helps!


Mine ache after 3-4/7, which is probably a good thing as it keeps me going.


I just got back from Disneyland too and my legs ache too! Overheard someone at Disneyland say that they'd done 20,000 steps that day! Might explain it:) good luck with your next run.


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