Help, I've pulled my calf muscle tonight, that's bad enough but I've got a 10K race a week on Sunday. Does anyone know how long it will take to heal. I have an option on the day of doing a 5K (which I could walk if need be) but I've been raising money for a 10k. I've been doing the RICE procedure, those peas will taste like bullets by the time I'm finished lol and I'm gonna rest up in the meantime. Any advice gratefully received.


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  • Sorry Ruby. Depends on the extent of the strain and how quickly you generally heal. Stick with the RICE but it might be a race too soon I'm afraid.

    Get well soon

  • Thanks runner56, I may end up entering another 10K race in a few weeks time to give it time to heal.

    Thanks again


  • Have to agree with the above. Might be worth trying to see a sports physio to get a true idea, but you might be better aiming for the later runs than risk further injury. Good luck.

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