Week 6 run 1

Week 6 run 1

So last Saturday I completed my first 20 min slog. It was hard but the beautiful scenery (see photo) kept me going and I was so happy to have completed it! I Felt unwell since Monday so figured I'd take a few days rest. Today I did first run of week 6. My calves having been fully rested and recovered didn't cry as much as I thought they might, in fact I sped up a little at the end until my heart was thundering. Feels good to be back running :D Saying that though the weather is great for it.

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  • Beautiful place to run. Well done you are into the tricky return to intervals but soon into those longer final runs. Keep going you will soon be at the finishing line.☺

  • That looks so lovely !

    Week 6 can be a toughie after the euphoria of completing the 20 minute run on W5R3.

    Youre doing great, keep going ! :-) xxx

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