Week 9 started a day early

I usually cannot fit in a run on Tuesdays but due to staying in tonight and the possibility of an early start/full day tomorrow at the zoo I went out after lunch.

Not my finest run, I could not get my pace right (I blame Julie for not getting me into my 1,2,3,4 rhythm). Then I decided on a little detour from my week eight runs to "add" the extra 2 minutes near the beginning! Unfortunately the pavement was very cracked and uneven so that really didn't help my pace either.

Anyway, back to the usual route and I settled down a bit, although it is the first time I have seemed to struggle against the music beat. Relieved to find that the paths across the meadow have been mown since Sunday, the grass was getting a bit long.

No trouble with the extra 2 minutes though, I suspect that the real problem is that morning runs are better for me. I think I probably did a good distance, although because I hadn't planned to run today I put my pedometer on this morning so I had to take note of what I did earlier (or I could have tried to work out how to reset it! It does that automatically at midnight)

I am getting dangerously close to buying a watch or monitor of some kind, although it is very difficult to decide what will be best for me

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  • I sense a lovely graduation present to yourself coming on! Well done on the run, it's hard in long grass especially when it's been raining

  • Oh so nearly there now, well done. First of week 9 in the bag. I know what you mean about the beat and the rhythm. I must listen to week 7 again as I found it so much easier to run to than week 8 or 9. Not sure if it was the tempo or the lack of Julie!

  • Definitely lack of Julie in my book !

  • I agree with HilaryC definitely sounds like a graduation present is needed! Sounds like a good run apart from that bl@@dy Julie 😀

  • Looking at the Garmin Vivofit 3. Long battery life is the big attraction to avoid having to pack yet another charger cable when we go away.

  • You're so nearly there, Sue, well done! I would definitely recommend a running watch, I love my tomtom cardio, it's so handy!! Enjoy your last couple of runs til graduation!

  • Snap..........Same watch on my wrist and only £45 on EBay...Lol

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