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Argh I have not ran this week!

I told myself that after achieving 5k and further running 10ks, that I would not stop running. What keeps me going is the fact that it is so hard to get back into running after a break and you can really feel the drop in your fitness levels after a week or so.

Work has been incredibly stressful over the last few weeks and I managed to squeeze in one run last weekend. This week - none at all, and I am visiting family and babysitting at the weekend so no running then either. I can really sense the dip in motivation and my energy levels being wiped out from work and stress. What do you do to get yourself back into the running game? I'm hoping to psych myself back up for two runs next week and determined to leave work on time rather than the silly hours I have been doing.

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Sometimes life does take priority over running and yes, the frustration does build! Eventually you can't resist any more and have to grab the running shoes, get out there and take a big sigh of relief...

Just remember to take it easy and don't expect too much, just enjoy the feeling and do what you can. Good luck!

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I'm a bit scared of this also. I started the programme on a whim when I literally had nothing else to fill in my time. I now have a new job and time pressures mounting up. I hope I will be at least able to do three five ks a week, but if not I will at least run SOME distance, even if just around the block, three times. I came from nothing -actually minus zero- running wise so I will not let my body forget totally how to run altogether but it is really frustrating that parks don't open for longer hours or that employers don't have showers so you can run on work breaks etc I guess the one thing I can do though is run for SOME time no matter how little though. Hope it resolves for you and thanks for bringing this up, will be good to see how others manage.

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