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Hello, everyone. I am SlowWorm2016, a 56 year old mummy of one grown up and one nearly grown up boy, both super fit and active young men. I have just starting running. Well, walking and running intervals at the mo, and doing my local weekly Parkrun VERY slowly. I can manage all of 30 seconds continuous running at a time.

Looking forward to reading people's inspirational stories and supportive messages.


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  • You are in good company here and you will soon be running for much more than 30 seconds. Are you using the Couch to 5K podcasts? If so, trust in Laura and she will get you running for 30 minutes before you know it.

  • Last week I started week 1 and struggled getting the full minute done.

    Today I jogged a few times for 90 seconds.

    <3 keep it up

  • Welcome :) I'd like to follow Possum and recommend you download the podcasts from this site (includes music) or the app (use in combination with your own music). I used the podcasts and would have found it an awful lot harder to get to running 30 min without it.

  • I'll 'third' that. The podcasts are amazing. :)

  • Ooh I do like your name change!

  • Welcome SlowWorm and hope you enjoy the running. I've only recently completed wk 9 and would agree with others. The music & Laura got me through! I've tried running before and didn't get past running for about 20 mins. I ignored my daughter's and son's advice to try listening to music or download a podcast. Sometimes the young do know best!! However I ignore them when they discuss how far they have run or how fast - decided to compete against myself and no one else.

    You are two years younger than me - you'll be running thirty mins in no time.

  • Totally agree with everyone else the podcast just make this so more achievable.๐Ÿ˜

  • Hi SlowWorm, I also suggest following the podcasts - Laura will have you running for 30 minutes non-stop in 9 weeks or thereabouts - we're all proof of that. All the best to you :-)

  • Welcome! Can I echo everyone else's comments!

  • You've come to the right place! Good luck with your endeavours!

  • This programme works :) Hope you stay and run with us :)

  • As OldPossum says, get you to the NHS C25K podcasts for the real deal. Other routes to running are available but... Plus remember it is a running motion (which may well be slower an even vaguely brisk walk) not a sprint.

    Love the name, especially as those things can move very fast (and never pull a calf muscle)

  • Thank you all so much for your friendly welcome and supportive words :). I downloaded week 1 and had a go, at home, in the dining room, dancing for the brisk walk times and jogging on the spot for the running bits. Will have a go outdoors next!

  • You will indeed! But however you do it, just keep on doing it. It's a fantastic programme and you will be amazed at what you can do in just a few short weeks. :) Well done on your first run!

  • On to week 2! I found I could run for a minute, even enjoyed it (6.45 am in the cool, made such a difference) so I am feeling much more confident :)

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