Couch to 5K

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Hi - I have a Fitbit One which tracks my steps and flights of stairs, levels of activity etc and I am on Mapmyrun but after 6 weeks I am getting interested in things like my heart rate which I am not tracking now......

So what are the options?

I would like to keep Mapmyrun as I have been using it for 5 weeks now and its great to look back and track progress but what heart rate "thingy's" can use that ?

Or should I start again and use something else?

Heard some stuff about Garmin?

Basically I want to know, how far, what pace, calories used, heart rate, and route info (where i have run). Mine also tells me about consistency of speed and elevation (haven't got my head around pace vs elevation yet?)

I would prefer something thats not on my wrist too - or is that not possible?

Any help welcome - thanks :-)

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I got given a Pear heart monitor /headphones set up which worked with a dedicated iOs ( apple) app. That was a couple of years ago and I now use android. I put a new battery in the heart monitor, worn around the chest and hey presto it works with my mapmywalk & Google Fit. Might be worth looking for one on an auction site. ?


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